Ghosting in the Dating World, Why do people generally Ghost?

Ghosting is the most common expression used in dating terms and it's when someone suddenly cuts all ties and communication with the person they've been seeing or having conversation without any apparent warning or justification. It generally results to avoiding or ignoring and refusing to respond to the former partner's attempts to reach out or communicate which is very much easier as you get to know the person from the dating app only.

Caspering is even worse, unlike Ghosting, Instead of ignoring someone, you’re honest about how you feel about them, and let them down gently before disappearing from their lives. This has made the situation even worse.

This is because the dating apps are giving you a lot of option for dates and if you feel someone else is right for you after some chitchats, you tend to Ghost or Casper them. Rather than making the dating a game, AstroPod is working hard to connect those two who are made for each other.

Ghosting can actually have quite a serious impact on a person's mental health, claims
The social rejection would apparently the same pain in the brain as physical pain, this physical pain can be treated with medications but the distress from that metal pain, the psychological distress is far more harder to heal.

Why do people generally Ghost their dates?

Commitment issues
Lack of Communication
Conflicting lifestyles
Lack of romance
Mismatched Temperament
Health and Emotional issues
Player Syndrome

Why AstroPod and How does it solve Ghosting?

The unique and ancient Vedic Astrology Match making algorithm we use depicts each person differently and individual has unique behaviour which is analysed by our system drawing birth charts of the individuals. AstroPod compares both the birth charts to find the compatibility between the two to calculate to what level they would be complimenting each other to be the best couple.
The unique algorithm of AstroPod compares the charts of both the partners to check these parameters to show if the person is the right one for you or not.

Spiritual compatibility
Power and dominance in relationship
Sexual compatibility
Psychological and communication compatibility between the two
Temperament and Emotional aspect when in that relationship
Physiological, Health and Happiness between the two when in relationship

AstroPod helps you check the compatibility and find if that person is the right choice for you to date or let go. You now need not have to try every person you fancy and send an anonymous like to know about the person. The app not only lets you find the dates nearby but it lets you check the spiritual, sexual and psychological connection between you two. Power dominance and temperament comparison of your date with you too is taken into consideration as this will help you be in longer and healthier relationship.

This would help the user to find the most compatible partner near him/her so that they would never have to ghost or get ghosted from that relationship.

Here is an interesting fact:

Dating Apps and GHOSTING
80% of the millenials have been Ghosted at some point. This is because you have to swipe right and check every person if he or she is compatible with you.The old hit and miss dating app always has increased the Ghosting and has made people uninterested in finding their soulmate. Now it is time to find if you really want to date that very person or not and this is possible through AstroPod.

ASTROPOD brings the solution.
We happen to check every aspect of the date you find and calculate the compatibility between you two. This will let you choose the most compatible one for you. If you date an incompatible one, you at one point will be GHOSTED.

Out of Swipes? Close the app?
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Make your love interest feel special.
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