Astrological Guide To True Calling

We all have at one point or time in our life wondered what our purpose in life is? There will be times when we can be doing a job and think that there could be something more that you could be doing in life.

Many people go through life without finding out what it is that they want in life. I'm sure that at one point and time in life, we have all been in the crossroad of life where we have been confused as to which path we should take. Astrology can help you to figure out which field you may be more suited at and find more meaning.

How Astrology Finds Out Your True calling?

As it is with every other aspect, in eastern astrology, your true calling is determined by the analysis of your birth chart or natal chart. In your natal chart, there are 12 houses with each houses defining a different aspect of your life, and the 10th house of the chart is used to identify what your true calling in life is.

Each house has its lord and so does the 10th house. As such, the lord of the 10th house is used to determine what your calling is going to be in life. However, various things are taken into account before giving an accurate description as to what your true calling is. Some of the

Aside from the lord of the 10th house, the planet that is occupying the 10th house is also taken into factor. The significator planet also affects as to what your true calling is. Furthermore, the dignity of the significator planet and the occupying planet is also taken into account.

The planets and their influence in the 10th house are:

Jupiter: Philosophical

Mars: Discipline

Saturn: Innovative

Venus: Entertainer

Mercury: Entrepreneur

Sun: Leader

Moon: Creative

Ketu: Enigmatic

Rahu: Political

These are the generalization of what could be your life's true calling. For example, if Jupiter is the lord or the significator of your 10th house, it means that your calling is philosophical. You may find your life calling related to philosophical works which could include anything from being a preacher to a social worker.

Sometimes you may have the influence of two planets in the 10th house. Such as the influence of Jupiter and Ketu which means that you are both philosophical and innovative but the combination of these two planets leads to a completely different life calling as it suggests that you are more suited towards journalism.

The 3rd house is also taken into relation with the 10th house to determine if you shall be able to achieve your true calling or not. The 3rd house determines whether you shall be able to find your true calling and acknowledge it or not. It is also taken into account to determine whether you shall make your true calling into your career or not.

It is only after all of the various planetary position and influence's have been taken into account, that one can find what your true calling in life is.