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AstroPod – 2022 August Love Horoscope (August 22-28)

Aug 23, 2022
  • Fire signs are bold, outgoing, dynamic and passionate. They are active and competitive and believe in implementation. They are also temperamental and impatient, and thus, need to be dealt with carefully and patiently. 
  • Air signs are always on the go and are adventurous and risk-takers. They are versatile, sharp and highly communicative. They are outgoing and good-natured and make rational and logical decisions.
  • Earth signs are steady, down-to-earth and grounded. They are stable, consistent and loyal people who like sticking to a routine. Since they like following a set pattern, they can be stubborn, headstrong and rigid at times.
  • Water signs are intuitive, mysterious, intense and emotional. They are sensitive and observant and might come across as aloof or emotional fools to some


Your love life will be full of action this week. If you are in a relationship, you will advance significantly since both of you will experience emotions you have never felt before. Give some serious thoughts to what you want to express since the timing is appropriate for an honest discussion that defines your partnership. You’ve experienced frustrations in romance; share your experience with those who are facing similar challenges in their love life and help them navigate the hurdle. For those who are single, the weekend seems ideal for some cheeky flirtation. It won’t materialize to anything significant, but it will be enjoyable! You’ll have plenty to chat about as the week progresses because Mercury will spend some time in Virgo. You’ll have a strong desire to express your opinions on everything. It’s simple to win arguments with words, but you should only concentrate on one thing at once to avoid being fatigued. Despite the fact that you are naturally fiercely independent, you might need to follow someone else’s guidance sometime. Take your ego out of the picture and consider what’s best for the group because it can be a challenge.


Friends can help you connect with some of the best people. Have you informed everyone what you are searching? Or, would you assist someone else who too is looking for love? Look for romantic prospects for both you and others this week. It’s possible that someone who doesn’t appeal to you would be the ideal one for a friend. Make sure the person you’re chasing right now is the one you truly want because you may find someone fantastic waiting for you in near future. You experience a surge of self-assurance during the weekend. Dress to highlight your best qualities, experiment with new style and trend. However, you might need to carefully examine your bank account. For a while, Mercury will be in your value sector, urging you to begin creating financial plans. To stay afloat, start some side projects or perhaps a side business. Your focus on your professional objectives may be diverted, and if you find yourself working long hours at a position that offers no advancement opportunities, you may begin to suspect that your career path isn’t taking you in the right direction.


Do not let some unsettling dreams could make you worry about your potential romantic life. Some graphics are being misunderstood because they actually mean the exact opposite of what you think they do. Luckily, you will find out soon enough that true love does exist. You’ll make a lot of new friends over the course of the week, and a true charmer will catch your eye. However, bear in mind that you might not immediately recognize that person as the one for you. It’s important to have patience and let time unveil your soulmate to you. You’ll have a lot going on this weekend, and people will love you for your flirty ways! It will also offer countless opportunities for enjoyment and excitement. Mercury will be in Virgo throughout this time, giving you the desire, energy, and drive to accomplish anything. Right now, first impressions will matter the most, so pay attention to your body language. Over the following several weeks, you can feel constrained and restricted in your life due to frustration that enters your expansion zone. Find ways to go beyond your comfort zone in order to learn new things.


This week, you’ll have hard-time concentrating on the task at hand and be busy daydreaming about the one who has your heart, learn to balance. Given the intensity of your emotions, it makes sense that you are preoccupied with romantic thoughts. You have a good feeling about this relationship, and it will be interesting to see how it develops. You’ll meet a lot of charming individuals at a weekend dinner party, and they’ll all want to sit next to you. Use your wit with caution because your fast intellect is more alluring than you realize. After all, you wouldn’t want everyone to fall in love with you. Mercury transiting in Virgo also indicates that all of your energy will be directed within, making it challenging to make choices when you feel as though you are being pushed in a million different directions. On your path to self-acceptance, concentrate on taking good care of your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Make yourself the priority for now. There may be serious boundary problems in some relationships, and you may find it difficult to set boundaries.


It’s time you learn thing or two about your sweetheart. How do they prefer their coffee? Do they favor pizza with a thin or thick crust? Do they like their martini shaken or stirred? Knowing their preferences will provide you with numerous chances to wow them with your eye to details! Both of you will enjoy this learning experience, and it will likely spark more passionate dates in the future. Additionally, dating will be simple if you’re single; everything you do will be enjoyable and there won’t be any awkward silences. When you and your buddies get together at the end of the week to exchange some juicy secrets, you’ll feel even more liberated! Some of your most crucial relationships, though, might falter. Contracts that were formerly reliable may fail, or you may sign something without carefully reading the fine print. Keep everything level; else, you risk getting burned. Likewise, as the day goes on, you’ll experience an increased burst of creativity due to Mercury’s entry into Virgo in your social zone. The most of the time, you’ll feel a strong desire to improve the world. Use your wit and a vast network of ties to society to help you realize your lofty goals.


This week, concentrate on your personal love situation. That also means loving yourself first and foremost. Who knew dining alone could be so enjoyable? If you’re single, you’ll be enjoying the time by yourself more than ever. For those in a relationship, there will be more open communication between the two of you than ever before. Therefore, quit skirting that taboo subject; the time has come for an honest discussion. If you see a friend make (what you believe to be) a romantic blunder this week, remember that nobody is perfect at it. The enthusiasm of their brand-new romance has blinded them just a little bit. Due to Mercury coming into your career zone, your attention may change from romance to your goals. As a result, you’ll be more motivated than ever to accomplish your objectives and build your reputation. You have a lot of goals, but try to keep each one in mind at once and develop a strategy to attain it, or you won’t accomplish anything. However, you won’t feel particularly productive, which makes it impossible for you to concentrate. You must develop discipline as you strike a balance between tried-and-true routines and original concepts.


All week long, you will find yourself thinking about that special someone, which is a welcome diversion from your daily routine. Even though you’ll be busy, make time to send a quick flirtatious email or romantic voicemail to your BAE. Small actions leave lasting impacts. When someone extends a kind gesture to you in the middle of the week that almost makes you cry, the concept of having the ideal relationship doesn’t seem so far-fetched. Spend the weekend getting to know someone new in your life; you’re developing some lovely connections. There are signs that suggest you’ll have opportunities for exploration and discovery now that Mercury has moved into Virgo, which is your zone of expansion. There will be chances of wanderlust as you traveling over the next three weeks in order to see the world far and beyond. When you adopt new opinions, your beliefs could shift. Even viewing a movie or engaging in creative endeavors can be the catalyst to changes coming in your life or in you.


This week, keep an open mind. There will be plenty of untapped love possibilities; all you need to do is be open-minded and spontaneous to seize them. Don’t worry if you feel a little under the weather on Wednesday. Don’t cancel your date since you will be feeling much better by the weekend if you exercise and eat well. To grow closer, you must let yourself loose and reveal more of yourself than usual. Take control of a new relationship with caution. Avoid traveling too quickly or far. Mercury has entered Virgo, and things are going to get quite intense in both positive and negative ways. Keep calm and think before you make any concrete decisions. Mars will also be in your zone of transition and bring about some significant life changes. Although it’s simple to develop close relationships with loved ones, don’t cling to someone too firmly. Boundary problems with your family life will also need to be resolved. If you ever desire peace, you’ll need to strike a balance between your needs and those of your family over the coming weeks. Despite the fact that you love your family, make sure they respect your boundaries.


You will find it challenging to get going in the beginning of the week because you are still basking in the memories of a wonderful weekend, but you’ll quickly find your rhythm to start your week. Both you and that particular someone are thinking of each other fondly. A date during the middle of the week will ease the pressure of a first date or serve as a lovely prelude to your big romantic weekend. Consider doing something easy yet engaging, like skipping the movie and going bowling. Your week will continue to be lighthearted and enjoyable, and the weekend will be full with opportunities. Which way would you prefer if things could go either way? Try out those new techniques by briefly entering your relationship zone. However, Mars is a firebrand, so beware! Even if you could suddenly have an idea, convincing others to support it shouldn’t require coercion. Be patient with folks who aren’t immediately on board with your ideas and control your rage. Sign up to participate in workshops, coaching sessions, and educational conversations, for mental stimulation.


This week is the right time to be creative with your courting skills if your present strategy hasn’t been that fruitful. Have you given your considerable inventiveness any thought? Send a love letter. Make an art. Put your emotions into a different perspective, and that special someone will be touched by your effort and will be grateful to have you in their lives. Toward the end of this week, a heartwarming family romance will evoke thoughts of traditional love. On the weekend, you’ll choose substance to sass because of this. Your health will be the most crucial aspect to pay attention this week. You’ll be more active and productive because the warrior planet will be in your productivity zone. Make your body and mind stronger by channeling this energy. Self-control will be challenging, but if you’re committed to your personal growth, you’ll feel lot better. It’s important to exercise self-control when it comes to your spending because Mercury is in retrograde this week, making it challenging to save money. You could even lose money and have no idea where it went.


Remember that money isn’t the best way to find true love, even though you might think that extravagant gifts are the ideal way to win over your most recent crush or captivate attention of your longtime partner. Why not offer them a kind remark or a cute compliment? If you are single, increase your flirting confidence this week by being a little more daring; you’ll be surprised by some incredible outcomes. When you think back on your prior relationship, you’ll realize how happy you are now with the changes you’ve made. Start discussions this weekend using your thoughts rather than your clothes. Especially considering that Mars will be in your favor this week and you will feel an overwhelming desire to get creative in every aspects of your life. Mars will be in your pleasure zone for the rest of the year, so this is a good time for romance, entertainment, and artistic expression. Follow your interests even if you’re not sure where they’re leading you. However, you might come off as a bit of a moron, which indicates a Mercury transit is about to happen. Concentration will be challenging, especially while meeting new individuals. Be cautious so that you can make the best possible first impression.


If you’re in a romantic partnership, this week presents an opportunity to reaffirm your independence within the union. You’ll experience a new level of fulfillment if you’re looking for love, knowing that you’re not settling for anything less than what you deserve. This week, enjoy who you are because only when you love yourself deeply can you truly love other. Take the long way home and stop to smell the roses because towards the middle of the week, you’ll be drawn to romance and beauty rather than reason and efficiency. By the end of the weekend, you’ll discover how great and loving you always are. Mercury has moved into your home zone and is now in the sign of Virgo; you will spend the rest of the year staying close to home. You’ll have enough of stuff to work on, so you don’t mind this. Just be careful not to get too preoccupied with altering the house that you start to cause more issues. Spend the last day of the week exploring your emotions. You won’t be able to repair previous wounds during the coming weeks; you’ll just be going over them again. Force yourself to move on and stop using the pain as a distraction.



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