Features of a zodiac compatibility dating app – Astropod app

When it involves qualitative analysis concerning dating, there isn’t very any onerous science for what makes a decent match. Whereas some dating apps think about exclusivity and pic overload, alternative dating apps promise compatibility founded ability and friends-of-friends. Regardless of what your opinion is on dating apps, there’s one factor most people will agree on: Horoscopes are fun, and horoscope compatibility matching is much more fun.

Matching Souls Based on their zodiac is currently trending worldwide as more people continue to embrace the science of astrology for ages people have come to realize the influential power of the celestial on the terrestrial and verse vassal
There is always the hand of our star signs, moon signs, and the zodiac in the matchmaking.
Introducing “astropod”, the mobile dating app.
The sole purpose of this app is to help people find their loved ones on the basis of their zodiac sign. Astropod is a purposely built app that enables individuals to search and locate potential soulmate and cross-check their zodiac sign to resolve compatibility issues. Astropod app has many features that made matching souls seamless, some of the features of the Astropad include:

Real-Time Notification Features:
The real-time notification feature of the app makes the app an essential tool as it gives instant notification to the users of events happening within the app. It notifies user’s of anyone who just viewed their profile, got a new message, or someone pokes them, etc. Because users wouldn’t want to miss out a thing.

Well-Organised Search Features:
The search filter of Astropod is highly advanced and interactive. It allows users to filter their searches based on interest, location, friendliness, photos, etc.

Chat Or Messages Features:
The chat and messaging features of the Astropod app are 2 distinct features of the Astropod although performing similar option. You can easily send messages or chat with your matches and know each other better. Furthermore, you can also edit the sent messages as sometimes, it can be life-saving when you type any wrong message.

Weekly Horoscope Features:
The weekly horoscope feature of this amazing mobile app gives concise information about users of the app as it pertains to what users should expect in the week. This wonderful additional feature informs users of their lucky day, lucky number, what color matches their star, zodiac etc.

Other features of the Astropod mobile app include its ability to allow users to meet interesting people that best match with their profile also within the location of their desire, it would be helpful for users to find a perfect match. The Astropad dating app is most suited for the individual seeking soulmate who are both characters compatible and sexually compatible. It’s been tried and tested by many people around the world and found to be of high quality. Astropod is completely safe and secure for users so that their private information like image, phone number, name, address, etc. is safe with them. To start enjoying the wonderful features and benefit of the Astropod dating app, an app based on zodiac compatibility download now or visit GooglePlay Store.