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Justin Timberlake’s Apology; Does He Mean It? An Astrological Read

Dec 11, 2019

Justin Timberlake recently got all the attention from the media and internet and it was not because he released a new song. The ‘can’t stop the feeling‘ singer was captured getting a little too affectionate with the actress Alisha Wainwright in a bar in New Orleans. The two are working together and play lovers for the movie Palmer. In a video captured, Alisha was seen touching the knee of the singer who later took hold of her hand.

Timberlake is in a seemingly happy marriage with the beautiful actress Jessica Biel. After photos and video of the event surfaced on the internet, he has been under media and public scrutiny.  Justin has come out to apologize for his behavior saying that there is nothing going on between him and Alisha. But is it the truth? Our astrologer here at Astropod has taken a look into his natal chart to tell in detail regarding the matter.

Astrological Read On Justin Timberlake’s Birth Chart

Biel and Timberlake have been one of the power couples in Hollywood for a while now. From the early days of their relationship back in 2007, the two of them always looked like they would end up together. The news of celebrity couples breaking up is not new these days. However, there are a few celebrity couples that give hope about love to the fans. Timberlake and Biel were one of the couples that give high hopes about love.

Our head astrologer Samundra has taken a look at Timberlake’s natal chart and has found the conjunction of Mars and Mercury in his 7th house. The 7th house of the natal chart is responsible for things related to the native’s love life and relationship. Whenever Mars is positioned in the 7th house, it spells trouble for the native. Its influence can lead to rough patches in the relationship of a person and in this case Justin Timberlake.

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Furthermore, Timberlake currently has the time of Saturn and Rahu in his life. The current planets that are transitioning can bring some series of unfortunate events and circumstances his way. His decision-making skill is quite doubtful during this phase. A lapse of judgment as he has mentioned in his apology can happen during this duration. Errors and mistakes are more often made when Rahu is in influence as it is apparent even with celebrities like Timberlake.

The planetary influence can cause a severe lack of judgment. It is the reason why people should not let their guard down when an unfavorable planetary transition is running in their life. According to our astrologer, Timberlake does mean what he says in his apology and it is more likely that he had a momentary lapse of judgment like he has said in his apology.

Is It The End of Timberlake and Biel’s Relationship?

Despite, events that lead to questions about Timberlake’s loyalty and integrity, this does not seem like the end of his relationship with his wife Jessica Biel. Biel has not considered this mistake to be big enough to end their relationship. It is said that she is the one that encouraged Justin to put out his statement on Instagram because she felt embarrassed by his action. His marriage seems to be going strong for now.

According to our astrologer, their relationship can be on edge at the moment. Things may not be as smooth as the couple may make it out to be. They will have doubts about the relationship but will be able to work through the issues. His relationship shall improve from the mid-month of 2020. That is the time when Moon shall be in support of his life which shall help to clear doubts about the relationship. Moon’s influence can also help to further strengthen the emotional connection between Timberlake and Biel.

Fans of this couple can continue to cheer for them, as their relationship does not look to end anytime soon. Want to know an insight about your relationship with your partner, reach Samundra Guru at AstroVeda.


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