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Mercury in Each Zodiac Sign- What it means?

Aug 2, 2019

The way we communicate with others, how we handle technology and our analytical thinking process are all affected by Mercury. The placement of Mercury depending on each zodiac sign can change a person’s personality and character. Since it is a planet influencing a person’s communicative and analytical intelligence, the Mercury placement on different zodiac sign can make a person come off as nice or rude to others. Some zodiac placement of Mercury can also make the individual more capable of handling the financial matter.

Mercury in Zodiac Placement

Mercury in Aries

Aries is the zodiac sign that has Mars as its ruling planet. Due to Mars’ influence, Aries people are bold and strong. They have great zeal to keep moving forward and not be hesitant to take action. Courage is the strong characteristics of an Aries. They also possess a straight forward personality and always stay honest with their opinion. Aries tend to be also very impulsive and vulnerable. Aries also represent a competitive and aggressive personality.

When Mercury is in Aries, it means that you will have an aggressive tone of communication. People are more impulsive and do not give a second thought about the words they use when Mercury is in Aries. But, such traits make these people honest as they always speak their mind. They can offend people with their brutal honesty but are also considered to be more trustworthy as well.

Mercury in Taurus

Taurus represents stability and fixation. People with this zodiac sign once their mind is made seldom change their decisions and views. Though this makes them sure of their own abilities, it also makes them quite stubborn. Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus people are romantic and loyal towards their partner. They are very analytical and only make a judgment after the careful decision. Taurus people are vindictive, so think twice before doing them wrong as they do not forget things.

Mercury and Venus which rules Taurus are in a good relationship to one another. Unlike the aggressive Mercury energy in Aries, here the energy becomes soft and pleasant. This results in the person being articulate and is thoughtful. It is the reason that people with such placement are good writers whether it be songwriters, journalism or blog writers. Music is a huge part of people with such Mercury placement. This placement of Mercury also makes a person analytical in terms of finances and they are good at financial management.

Mercury in Gemini

Gemini is the sign that is ruled by Mercury itself. Due to Gemini being ruled by Mercury, it is the zodiac sign that signifies communication whether it be verbal, nonverbal or mass communication, Gemini has got it down. Gemini is the sign that is controlled by the air sign and does not like to be bound and loves to keep traveling. They are quick-witted and intelligent making them good entrepreneurs. Geminis are a versatile, enthusiastic and intellectual person. However, they do lack decision-making ability and consistency. They are also rather anxious as well.

Mercury is comfortable to be in the position of Gemini. This placement blesses the individual with patience and sophistication when it comes to communication. They prefer having meaningful communication over gossips with people who have a similar level of intelligence like them. Mercury will help to arrange and adjust the ideas that appear in the Gemini’s head. Much of the issues that a Gemini usually faces is reduced when Mercury is positioned in Gemini. The person becomes calmer and composed with Mercury in Gemini and is a good position for Mercury.

Mercury in Cancer

The zodiac sign which shows emotions, devotion and kindness are Cancer. Ruled by Moon, Cancer is the sign that loves to stay within its comfort zone and loves domesticity. Cancers are also loyal individuals who have got strong loyalty which can sometimes borderline to overbearing. Though cancer is all about taking care of others and showing love, they are also well known for being moody due to Moon being the ruling lord. Pessimism and resentment is the bane that can halt the growth of a Cancer.

When the emotional Cancer is taken over by the intelligence that Mercury provides, the individual gets emotional stability. The influence of Mercury grants the person with wisdom to better express their emotions in the right direction. People who have got Mercury in Cancer take emotion into account when communicating. They prioritize their emotional judgment over logical when it comes to decision making as well. Logic takes a back seat in this placement.

Mercury in Leo

Leo is the zodiac sign that is known for its fiery personality. As the Sun is its ruler, Leo loves to be the center of attention just like the Sun. Loyalty, fearlessness, tolerance, and generosity are the strong qualities of Leo. Just as tolerant and generous a Leo can be, they can also be quite arrogant and dominant as well. Their desire to be the best out there can sometimes bring the worst in them which is something a Leo should be careful of.

Mercury when positioned in Leo, gets it qualities brightened and enhanced by the Sun. These two share a good dynamic due to Mercury being the closest to Sun in the planetary chart. Their great dynamic results in a dynamic communicative ability of people with Mercury in Leo. People born with this planetary placement turn to be charismatic in communication and are influential speakers. One has to take into account of Sun’s positioning when Mercury is placed in Leo. As they complement one another to a great degree, Sun’s position can vary the effect that a Mercury can bring out when residing in Leo.

Mercury in Virgo

Virgo is another zodiac sign which is ruled by Mercury. Attention to detail is a strong characteristic of Virgo which goes well with their strong desire for perfectionism. They are very efficient in the way they handle things and always act with caution. The chase for perfectionism is the reason that Virgo can be selfish as well as irritable. At times Virgo can even be unresponsive and show timid nature.

As its own sign, Mercury is in an exalted position in the Virgo. An Exalted position in its own sign is a positively strong position in astrology. People who have Mercury in Virgo are blessed with a rational mind and a practical approach in life. Their attention to details are heightened as their observation and analytical abilities are pushed to be exceptional. When it comes to communication, theses individuals do really well in written communication making the career of writing a good career option.

Mercury in Libra

Signified by the scale, Libra is the sign of balance. Ruled by the planet Venus, Libra is known for being tactful, romantic and possessing charming personality. Creating balance requires a lot of thoughtful consideration which is the reason that Libras tend to be indecisive. They also have a strong desire for material comfort which is why they do waste a lot of money on luxuries.

Venus and Mercury are friends with each other as such, Mercury in Libra is an auspicious placement. This placement provides the native with an intellectual and diplomatic mind. Such people are quick to realize when an opportunity presents itself and are quick to capitalize on the moment as well. Mercury present in the influence of Venus results in the native to have a graceful and refined speech. They are often soft-spoken and polite.

Mercury in Scorpio

The water sign ruled by Mars, Scorpio is a sign fueled by passion and ambition. Mars being the ruler means Scorpios are action-oriented and energetic. They are determined to make it in life and remain focused on their objective. At the same time, they are also emotionally hardened and are suspicious and sarcastic as well. Think twice before crossing paths with them because they can be quite vindictive and possessive.

Mars and Mercury are inimical to each other thus, the placement in an enemy’s house is not rewarding for the native. Mercury in Scorpio people turns to become reserved and secretive. Communication is not their strongest suit and the message they are conveying can easily be taken in the wrong way. Such people also think quite highly of themselves and are inflexible as well. Everything is not bad, as Mercury in this placement does provide rationality leading the native to make decisions based on logic more than emotions.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is an optimistic zodiac sign with a sense for adventure. Jupiter being its ruler, Sagittarius is an intellectual zodiac sign. Always straight forward, Sagittarius is the philosophical bunch as well. Their straight forward personality can come off as tactless and impatient. Being intellectual does not mean that they will not make a mistake. On the contrary, they are the sign that loves to take unnecessary risks and taking things for granted.

While being in inimical relationship to one another, both Mercury and Jupiter are two of the most benefic planets in astrology. Their inimical relationship does not cause issue due to both of them having benefic influence. Natives with Mercury in Sagittarius turn out to be quite a skillful and eloquent speaker who expertise in writing. They are more likely to be interested in foreign language and culture. Things related to psychology and religion have also got a nice appeal to them.

Mercury in Capricorn

The logical and practical sign Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Capricorns are disciplined and are very cautious in life. They do not take action based upon their impulses. Patience along with discipline is the greatest strength of a Capricorn. Wise beyond their age, such individuals often seem more mature than their actual age. The goat has got a pessimistic approach in life because of their practical thinking which makes it difficult for them to go against the odds. Detached from others, they are usually reserved and shy people who only open up to their close friends.

Saturn which is the lord of Capricorn and Mercury share a friendly relationship between one another. Unlike most other friendly relationship, this one is not as much benefice. The omnipresence of Saturn in the background can create an obstacle in an otherwise benefic effect. in this placement, the native becomes more harsh and deceptive while communicating with others. Despite being intelligent, Mercury in Capricorn placement will make the person more stubborn as well as narrow-minded. They become more realistic individuals who do not dream of things out of their reach.

Mercury in Aquarius

Just like the wind that moves around freely, Aquarius are free thinkers. Their imagination is limitless which is why Aquarius is the inventive people of the zodiac. Saturn as its ruler, Aquarius is friendly, intelligent, and independent. Known for being unpredictable, Aquarius never follow a fixed pattern and the only thing that they are predictable is about their loyalty which they stay true to. An aloof nature makes it hard for just anyone to approach them and people close to them know just how stubborn and extreme they can get.

Mercury, when placed in Aquarius, makes the native more analytical and logical when communicating. This is both a strength and weakness of these individuals. In one hand, they are able to make a valid point based upon logic. On the other hand, they become hard-headed people who refuse to believe anything that is not backed up by evidence. People with this placement are open to new ideas but nothing too out of hand or illogical. Being gloom and dark is not their cup of tea and so they prefer to keep the atmosphere light.

Mercury in Pisces

The end of the zodiac list, Pisces is a sign of compassion. Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces and it provides wisdom to the Pisces relating to emotions. They are the sign who is not afraid to display their emotions. The opposite of analytical thinker like Aquarius, Pisces are more dependent on intuition rather than logic. Basing everything on intuition also makes them an escapist blaming everything on bad luck or others rather than their own weakness. Not the most energetic of the zodiac, the fish can be lazy and sensitive can turn to over-sensitive quite easily as well.

Unlike the other placement, Mercury is debilitated in this position. However, considering the fact that both Jupiter and Mercury are beneficial planets despite having an inimical relationship, the effect is average. People with Mercury in Pisces speak with more emotion in their voice. They are quick to put their trust on others which makes them vulnerable to deceptions. Individuals with such placement also turn to be good with imagination and often are good dreamers. For them, expressing with their work of art is easier than verbal communication.


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