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PewDiePie & CutiePie Marzia’s Relationship Compatibility

Sep 18, 2019

Felix Kjellberg better known for his YouTube name PewDiePie recently got married to his longtime girlfriend and fiancé Marzia Bisognin on August 19, 2019.  Felix met Marzia during the early days of his YouTube career and has been together with her for more than eight years. Being the top YouTuber (not counting massive company channels like T-Series), PewDiePie’s relationship with Marzia has always been a great interest of the internet.

Recently PewDiePie was able to hit many milestones which include reaching 100 million subscribers on YouTube as well as defeating the ender dragon on his famous gaming series Minecraft. Just when the fans thought that he has hit all the big milestone, he married his fiancé Marzia besting all of the previous goals he achieved the week before. We are just as interested in Felix’s marriage with Marzia as the rest of the internet and have decided to check out their marriage compatibility. 

PewDiePie’s Natal Chart Study

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Taking a look at Felix’s natal chart, Venus is placed in the 1st house. Venus is the planet associated with love and relationship as well as personal taste and aesthetics. This planetary placement suggests of him having a good fashion sense along with a good sense of humor. Venus residing in the 1st house is also the reason that he is able to create a positive vibe in his surrounding and able to charm others.

Mars is the lord of Felix’s 1st house and it is residing in the 11th house (house of income) and it is conjuncted along with Mercury. Mars’ energy makes Felix an active person who is always looking forward to finding new ways to make money. Mercury residing in the 11th house suggests that he has top tier negotiating skills when it comes to financial transaction and business deals.

Saturn is in the 2nd house of his chart and Moon is in the Leo sign which suggests a straightforward and just personality. Moon in Leo also gives him a strong focus and concentration towards his work and business. However, too much of Mars and Saturn’s energy does result in him being impatient and doing things in the heat of the moment which he can come to regret later on. The negative influence of Mars and Saturn can drag him to a sticky situation in his professional as well as personal life. Sun is in a debilitated position in his chart and it gives him the appearance of a confident person but can give him the lack of courage to take a risk on some of the crucial time in life.

CutiePie Marzia Natal Chart Study

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Marzia’s natal chart shows the conjunction of Venus and Rahu. When Venus and Rahu are conjuncted, it shows the amplification and enhancement of all things related to love, relationship as well as the desire for luxurious purchases and comfortable living. People with this planetary conjunction take the relationship seriously and are prepared to fight strongly for their love. They are willing to go above and beyond for their love and do not hesitate to break taboos and cultural boundaries to be with the one they love.

Rahu is known to show foreign prospective as well and as it is conjuncted with Venus, it shows the chances of a relationship with someone from a foreign land or a different culture. However, Rahu is also known for blowing things out of proportion. Seeing that it is conjuncted with Venus, Marzia can have a hard time in a relationship due to her desire for a perfect partner. She needs constant attention, love, and care from her partner to feel the love in the relationship. Should her partner fail to give enough attention to her, she can get distant from him and try to end the relationship or look for love elsewhere. Saturn is in its own sign, she can be seen to be a loyal and honest person.

The Pie Compatibility

In both Felix’s and Marzia’s Chart, the love planet Venus is strongly supportive. Their relationship is headed towards the path of success. Their chart shows that both of them are quite independent person but require the support and affection of their partner to bring the best out of one another. There are more than a few things similar within them such as their honest and loyal nature along with a good taste for fashion and luxury.

There are factors that can bring issues in their relationship as well. Felix can focus too much towards his work and not give enough attention to Marzia. This is something that can affect their relationship in the long run. Aside from it, the name PewDiePie has been associated in more than just one controversy. The controversies in the future will now drag her name along with his and it can also affect the relationship. These are the few things that look to trouble the marriage in the days to come. But, aside from these issues, they do look to be strongly suitable for one another.


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