Record breaking Egg: If every zodiac sign would be an Egg, What Egg would they be?

With the recent news of the picture of an egg breaking the world record on Instagram likes beating the Instagram model Kylie Jenner, eggs have certainly become the
topic of talks currently. With all these talks of eggs, I thought that maybe you would like to know if you were an egg what kind of an egg you would be.

Mesh (Aries): For Aries who is straightforward to the point, you would be the regular white egg that people pick up when they go for groceries. It is not wrong being a regular egg as you are the default choice as people's egg being a standard white egg.

Vrish (Taurus): If you were to be an egg, then you would be the kind that would feel just right in the hand. Your shell will not be bright like an Aries but you shall have a brick color like the eggs you would see in the picturebooks.

Mithun (Gemini): Gemini would not be any egg that would have a shine or even get the attention at one look. But, you shall be filled with egg whites when broken into. Your yolk would not be shiny or bright, but you will have a comparatively more whites like the emotions that you carry around.

Karkata (Cancer): Laid by the eggs from a furnished housing systems, you are more likely to be a furnished egg. As you would look for something that has a homely feel,
no egg would better define you than a furnished or nest laid egg.

Singha (Leo): As you like to be the center of attention, you would not be just any type of egg and can only be the egg with green shell. Produced only from the crossbreeding genes, you can certainly be the center of attention but are rare to find as well.

Kanya (Virgo): Virgo who are hard to understand would be like the free-ranged eggs. Everyone does not pick you like the standard white eggs, but those who do pick you know that you are worth every extra penny that they pay because you taste just that good.

Tula (Libra): For Libra's that look for the balance in life, you would be the typical brown eggs. You cost a little more than any regular white egg but are not as expensive as the organic eggs. Furthermore, you also have more richer texture in your yolk making it worth the money to make the effort to purchase you.

Vrischik (Scorpio): Just as passionate as you are, you would be the type of egg that contains more omega-3 fatty acids. That's right, if you were to be an egg, you would be the Omega-3 egg. You are the type of egg that would contain more flax making you more fatty than most eggs.

Dhanu (Sagittarius): Have you heard of the blue egg? You are the blue egg and no not the Easter Egg creation but the blue egg produced from the byproduct of bile production. You have the soft-blue marshamllow look like your charismatic personality that is able to attract anyone's attention.

Makar (Capricorn): A capricorn would be the kind of egg that would have a hard shell but when broken into is likely to have a runny egg yolk. It takes time to break the egg shell and get to the things that matter which is your yolk.

Kumbha (Aquarius): An Aquarius would have a soft shell so that everyone can get to the center and find out just what is inside of it. The reason for your soft shell is to make it easier for people to get to the bright yolk that you keep hidden away for most of the time.

Meen (Pisces): Always taking care of everyone else trying to make those around you as comfortable as you can, you would be an organic egg. You do not have any ounce of pesticiedes, or commercial fertilizer in you that could cause a harm to your consumer.