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Popcorn and Zodiac- Movie Genre For Each Zodiac Sign

Mar 3, 2019

From the wild wild west to the futuristic city filled with lightsabers and space battles, there is a wide range of movie that we can watch while munching down on some popcorn. Whether for some laughs to relieve our stress or spend some romantic couple of hours with your partner, movies have been a great way to spend the free hours that we have. But, there is a wide range of genres of movies that we can watch from and just as many movies to go through? Depending upon your zodiac sign, these movies may be right up your alley.


The go-getter people Mesha, do not like to sit idle and would hate to watch something that is low paced. If you are a Mesh, then you are not suited for something like a drama or a political and philosophical movie as it would bore you to death. For someone who is always looking to go and get things done, you would be able to find more entertainment from action movies with thriller movies coming to a close second. It is one of the most popular genres in the movie industry and there is a various number of movies that you can watch from classics like Die Hard, Indiana Jones and Terminator to the modern success like the Mad Max: Fury Road, Kill Bill, and The Equalizer.


Taurus is always down to earth and practical people, and so they would prefer to not be serious when watching a movie. So, comedy movies are the way to go for a Taurus. Whether it be a sketch comedy, stand-up specials or romantic comedies, anything that could bring a little more joy and brightness in life while watching the movie would be more suited for Taurus. Let out your laughter with movies like Deadpool, The Truman Show, The Hangover, and Pineapple Express are some of the great comedy movies that you can watch. If you want some more comedy then you can check out stand-up specials like Kid Gorgeous at Radio City, Great America, and Tamborine.


For a Gemini, it is more difficult to stay focused on the plot if it is not interesting. So, if your zodiac sign is that of the twin Gemini, then you would find that any movies that have good plot and mind games to be the one to entertain you. The genre of crime, horror, murder mysteries and thriller will be right up your alley as these are the movies that are more likely to test your imaginative boundary and keep you glued to your seat to get through the movies. Some of the best mystery and horror movies that would be to your liking are movies such as Get Out, A Quiet Place, Bird Box, Seven, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.


For the kind and caring Cancer looks to be more suited towards movies which are more dramatic or have the vibe of a feel good to it. Most of these movies would get you right into your feels and can even bring a tear to your eyes and connecting to the character of the movies will keep the film more personal to the Cancer. Forrest Gump, Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, Moonlight, and La La Land are some of the movies you have to watch if you haven’t done so already.


Simha is more philosophical in nature as such, action and horror movies do not hit home with a Simha. Rather than that, Simha is more intrigued by movies based on a true story or political movies as these movies are more thoughtful and are rather more interesting to a Simha. Some of the movies that you have to check out in these genres are Catch Me If You Can, Lincoln, Spotlight, and Into The Wild.


For Virgo who is generally more withdrawn and introverted in nature are more intrigued by science and technology. So, it comes as no surprise that you would prefer to watch movies with crazy gadgets and futuristic technology concept like science fiction. Whether it be movies about the dystopian future where things look grim or movies about a galaxy far far away, you will be willing to get out of your comfort zone to see how the future looks like in the movie. The Star Wars franchise, Ex Machina, Blade Runner, The Matrix, and Avatar are some of the futuristic works in the science fiction genre that you should definitely check out.


If you are a Libra, then you are not attached to a fixed genre. For you it is about finding a balance to your life and watching movies is also a way to bring a balance in your life. However, if you have to be selected to a specific genre, then it would have to do with something that is light-hearted or more close to the lines of comedy. Romantic comedies which have a mixture of both love story, comedy and a little bit of drama would be a good genre for you to watch as well. 500 Days of Summer, When Harry Met Sally, Pretty Woman, and The Big Sick.


Scorpio and Aries share similar taste when it comes to movies, as Scorpios would also find more interest from action movies with a few murder mysteries, horrors and superhero movies added to that list as well. There are many superhero movies to choose from such as Avengers, Spiderman and Batman trilogy of Christopher Nolan, but you can also check movies like Seven, Shutter Island, and Memento which are some of the best works of the murder mystery genre.


The kind and friendly Sagittarius does not take too well to violence, so action and horror movies do not tickle the Sagittarius bone. Saggitarius would prefer to sit down and watch movies that have got more of a fairy tale element to them and Romance and Fantasy movies are something that would suit the taste of a Saggitarius. Movies that have captured the viewer’s heart in this genre are The Notebook, Titanic, Love Actually, The Princess Bride, and 500 Days of Summer.

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If you have the reserved zodiac sign Makara then sci-fi movies seems to be the go-to but animated movies will be right up your alley as well. The Capricorn are the keen lover of animated movies have been taking the world by a storm with the Japanese animations getting more popular and reaching a wider audience so expanding your watchlist to some of the Japanese animations may also be good for you if you have not already done so. You may already be familiar with animated movies such as Toy Story, Incredibles, Frozen and Lion King and so, we would suggest you watch movies like Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro and Grave of the Fireflies.


Movies that talk about historical events and that deal with the social issues look to be something that suits an Aquarius very much. Aquarius also enjoy documentaries as they bring more awareness and often provide more information and knowledge about the world. Schindler’s List, Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan, 12 Years a Slave, and Lincoln are some of the greatest of Historical genres. Historical movies are the right movie genre of Aquarius.


Rather than a specific movie genre for Pisces, they are gravitated more towards with good visual effects. Pisces can go along the ride for most any movies as long as the movie is visually pleasing as Pisces are not attached to a specific movie genre. If you are a Pisces, then some of the movies that you have to watch are Gravity,  Interstellar, Amelie, and The Revenant. These movies all the while having a good storyline have some of the best visual effects and will be a treat to your eyes.


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