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Impress Each Zodiac Sign by Avoiding These Things

What Is Holding You Back? Short Coming of Zodiac Sign

Apr 8, 2019

Let’s face the truth, none of us are perfect and we all have our strength and weaknesses. We may not be perfect, we can always strive to be the best that is possible for us to become. Some of us are aware of our shortcomings and try to improve on them to be the best that we can be while others avoid it or are not even aware of it. Astrology has defined that each of the zodiacs has their own peculiarities that are holding them back. Here are the bad habits of each zodiac sign.

Habits To Improve


Of the zodiac signs, Aries is one of the passionate ones. They hate boredom, and often take impulsive action to cure their boredom. Not the one to hold back, Aries are not the ones to back down in a debate and often times are confrontational to others. In an argument, Aries are the zodiac sign that do not look from the views of others and remain adamant on their own points. If you are not willing to see why others are disagreeing with you then how will you be able to have a good relationship with them?


Speaking of stubborn, another one that follows the trend is the zodiac sign Taurus. Unlike Aries who are stubborn when it comes to debates and arguments, Taurus are stubborn in their set beliefs. Their stubbornness lies in the fact that they do not find any fault in the way that they live. Taurus people believe themselves to be realist and do not believe in things that are out of the ordinary. Taurus lack in imagination often and mostly have an uptight way of living life. Letting loose every once in a while and dreaming of bigger things can help a Taurust to a much better life.


Always in search of a big adventure in life but not having any clue as to which path to choose is the zodiac sign Gemini. Gemini often have a difficult time making decision between two choices and once they do make a choice, are unable to stick to their decision or goals for a long period of time. Gemini’s are flaky and often leave projects halfway. Not seeing a commitment till the end is what Gemini struggle with. When given multiple choices, learn to stick to the one you have chosen and see things to the end despite it bearing good or bad result. In any event, it will be a learning moment and starting from zero again means a new adventure for you.


Always up for comfort, Cancer’s once getting attached to things find it difficult to let go. Clinging and holding onto things whether it be in relationship or day to day life is not a good thing. Cancer’s are also more often than not, pessimistic. They have too much doubt about things and before the start of anything, they think of a negative result. Such thinking is what results in them clinging to anything that brings them success. Loss, heartbreaks, and failures are things that every person goes through in life. Until the outcome has become clear, the end result can always become in your favor, there is no reason for you to doubt your abilities.


There is confidence and then there is arrogance. Leo’s often have difficulty in realizing between the two. People with Leo zodiac sign are likely to be outgoing and charming, but with their charm comes ego as well. Ego has been the reason for the downfall of many and Leos are the ones who are most common to meet their downfalls due to their egotistical nature. People are attracted to confidence but are repulsed by arrogance, make sure that you walk the fine line of confidence but not go over it.


A perfectionist through and through, once Virgo have made plans or set goals, they do everything possible to finish it as per their vision. They often lose their cool should the project not go according to the plan. Everybody have the right to their own ideals and visions, is a fact that Virgo struggle to agree with. Virgos hate anyone who do not hold similar idols and values as they do. The feedbacks and opinions of others are a great way to further improvement in your life, so you should not be blinded to other’s suggestion.


Indecision is the problem that Libras struggle the most with. They want to find the most choice that can bring the optimal result which is a very difficult thing to achieve and as such Libras become very indecisive. The frequently change their minds with the slightest of changes. You are not always able to make the best decision, sometimes the wrong choices can be the ones that give you the most benefit. In the words of Theodore Roosevelt, “in any moment of decision, the best thing that you can do is the right thing. The next best thing is to do the wrong thing. The worst thing is to do nothing.”


Not the one to open up about self, people with Scorpio zodiac sign are very secretive. Loving privacy is not bad in itself but if you are not open to others, you cannot expect others to be open to you. Scorpio are also very jealous and manipulative as well. You should not try to control how other people live their life. Any relation that is build on jealous and manipulation whether it be freinds, family or collegues can easily come undone. If you want to build a house, you should start with a strong foundation to withstand any disaster that may follow.


Sagittarius is one of the inconsistent zodiac signs when it comes to performance. They are goal oriented and are obsessed with finding success. In the pursuit for achieving things that they wish to have in the future, they tend to forget the things that are present in their life at the moment. You should always aim for a better life, but you should always remain grateful to the things that you have in life. Do not be the person that only realizes a good thing once its gone.


Shy and reserved, Capricorn only finds comfort among close friends and family. Even though they can charm others if they wish to, their self-consciousness often holds them back from being comfortable in a relatively new environment. Capricorns are also present a pessimistic world view and are often melancholic. Finding the motivation to enjoy life is a difficult task for a Capricorn. Life is unfair and never ends up the way we wish it to be, but you are not the only one going through it. Find the things that brings joy in your life and work past the struggles.


Unpredictable and quirky is what defines Aquarius. They do not wish to follow suit others and do not like to partake on things other enjoy without any particualr reason. For an Aquarius it is always about whether they feel like doing it at the moment or not. They always put their mood first and though spur of the moment activity can be exhilirating, you cannot spend your life doing things in the spur of the moment. A little bit of planning to decide the direction where you will expend your energy is needed to not let your quirk ruin your life.


The concept of idealism looks good on the paper but at the end of the day, it remains a concept. Pisces are very idealistic and as such, they always prefer something better no matter how amazing a thing may be. Avoiding responsibilities is also a major drawback that Pisces have. Whenever things go wrong in their life, Pisces first instinct is to avoid and run away rather than face it head-on. It is better to face and resolve the issues of your life rather than avoid it. Putting an end to the things that are worrying you will help from the issue to give you stress in the long run.

Though mostly these are the bad habits and shortcomings that holds back these zodiac signs from being the best that they can be, it is not always the defining case. There are other factors to take into consideration to know what is holding the person back. Learn more about astrology from 12 Houses of Natal Chart: Learn About Vedic Astrology.


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