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What it Means When a Planet is Retrograding in Vedic Astrology

Jul 19, 2019

The meaning of retrograde is to move backward. So, when astrology says a planet is retrograding, does it mean the planet is moving backward? No, that is not what it means because we all know that is not possible. Planets only move in a fixed direction and it never changes its trajectory. But a planet is considered to be retrograding when Earth outpaces other planets to orbit around the sun.

When Earth outpaces other planets, it creates the illusion of the planet moving backward. This phenomenon occurs due to a relative difference in speed of the planets. You might have noticed a similar illusion in daily life When looking out of a moving car window close and stationary objects appear to move backward. The planets retrograding is a similar illusion as this formed due to angular displacement. This illusion is removed when Earth completely passes the relative planet in its orbit.

Retrograde Planets Influence in Astrology

Planetary retrogression is an illusion, but it still occurs when a planet is at closest proximity to Earth. Despite it being an illusion, a planetary retrograde does influence one’s experience. When a planet is retrograde, it will often bring change and unexpected result whether it be good or bad. We are not here to talk about the retrograde planetary transition. But, rather about the planetary retrograde in the natal/birth chart.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is the planet that affects communication, transportation, travel, and technology. The ability to comprehend any situation or task is also influenced by Mercury’s position in your chart. People with a strongly positioned Mercury in the chart are very good at communicating. They are also very good at handling transportation and technological instruments.


Communications are affected when Mercury is retrograde in your chart. Misunderstandings, debates, and arguments are frequent in the life of a person with Mercury retrograde. A retrograde Mercury can make a person get stuck in the past which can affect their present and future. Mercury retrograde makes a person very aware when communicating. They tend to overthink every statement before letting it slip through their mouth.

Venus Retrograde

Venus is the planet that has a big influence over one’s love life and relationship. It also represents a person’s passion and happiness in life. The position of Venus in your chart will mark happiness in that related field. A well placed Venus can support for a happy and stable relationship.

The retrogradation of this loving planet can result in a person being very reserved in the relationship. People with retrograde Venus in the chart constantly keep re-evaluating their relationship even if they are married. They also become reserved in a relationship and will not be as open. If both people have retrograde Venus in the chart, their relationship will be moving very slowly. When a retrograde Venus positions itself in the 7th house, that is when a person faces the most difficulty in love and relationship. A retrograde Venus can greatly affect a person’s relationship and is greatly taken into account for making zodiac compatibility.

Mars Retrograde

Your strength whether it be mental or physical, as well as the ability to take action, is determined by Mars. It is also the planet which represents your relationship with your brother, male friends, and boyfriends (not your husband though). When Mars is direct and in a favorable position, a person can make a quick decision and take actions. When an opportunity presents itself, Mars’ influence can help to strike while the iron is hot.


The retrograde of Mars often results in weak will power and confused state. When you have got all the ideas and made plans but are still hesitant to execute your plans, retrograde Mars is in effect. Mars retrograde can result in indecisiveness and a hesitant heart. Mars along with Mercury and Venus are the planets which retrograded can hugely affect a person’s life. Anger and frustration are the emotions which are often associated with Mars. Those emotions get volatile making a person short-tempered or easily annoyed when Mars is retrograde in the chart.

Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter is known as Guru in Vedic astrology which translates to the teacher. Jupiter signifies knowledge, wisdom, and consciousness. The native’s academic and educational prowess, as well as intelligence, is affected by Jupiter’s position. Adding to it, Jupiter also determines a person’s spiritual and philosophical belief. A strong Jupiter also influences in broader mindset and profound inner growth.


A retrograde Jupiter can make a person question their own belief and religion. Irrational thoughts will invade a person’s mind more due to the retrograde motion of Jupiter. If a retrograde Jupiter is present in 1st, 5th or 9th house, the native will have a hard time in academic which can even result in obtaining passing grades difficult for many. For spiritual growth, a spiritual guide or teacher is needed. When it is retrograded you can be delayed to find the person who can help in your spiritual growth.

Saturn Retrograde

Saturn is the planet that signifies limitation, delay, and karma. Usually, Saturn’s effect brings forth a challenging and difficult which will last for a long period but will be very rewarding once overcome. Saturn is always about learning lesson and gaining experience rather than producing a result. When a Saturn is retrograde in one’s natal chart it is a blessing in disguise. Unlike how most planets become troublesome when retrograded, Saturn retrograde does the opposite bringing positive result.


When a Saturn is retrograded, people are not bound by limitation and instead test their limitation to reach the highest level. Self-reflection comes a lot with it and thus most people with Saturn often turn up to be very successful in life. When a Saturn is forward it’s effect causes delay, but when retrograded, plans and projects run smoothly without any hitch. Saturn is one of the few planets which when retrograded is more beneficial.

Depending on the affiliation and planetary conjunction, the effect that each planet brought out can be different. For eg: even if you possess a retrograde Saturn in your chart, if it is conjunct with Rahu or Ketu, the result will turn out to be different where things will not progress as smoothly as it should. The retrograde effect of each planet can change depending on its position, affiliation, and conjunction. Thus, the effect of any retrograde planet is not set in stone.


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