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Why Is Kim Kardashian Bold and Sensual?

Jun 14, 2019

Her combo of sensuality and boldness is an intriguing subject for astrologers as well.

There are many celebrities in Hollywood but fewer are known for their boldness and sensual looks like Kim Kardashian is. Kim who rose to fame after the release of her sex tape in 2007 has always remained bold even in the face of adversity.

So how is Kim able to maintain a bold personality and look so sensual? Today we shall take a look at her birth chart to read the planetary positions and provide an astrological view of her personality.

Media Attention for Kim.

Kim Kardashian is a Hollywood star popular for her relationship with Kanye West. She got her media attention being a friend and stylist of Paris Hilton but received wider notice after a 2003 sex tape with her former boyfriend Ray J was leaked in 2007. Later the same year, she and her family began to appear in the E! reality television series namely Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

A Look at Kim Kardashian’s Natal Chart

The first house of a natal chart defines one’s personality and traits such as physique, intelligence, and attitudes. Looking at Kim’s chart from the information available, her first house is identical to what we call a Jyestha Nakshatra while Mars is occupying the first house in its own astrological sign of Brischika (Scorpio). Such a position of Mars in that position suggests of a person being bold, attractive and sensual with a strong physique which Kim is a manifestation of.

It is not just her physical beauty that gravitates towards her beauty but rather in her aura that makes her more attractive and alluring. She creates a vibe that is more positive and makes the onlooker’s eyes to be focused on the sensual aspects of her beauty.

Furthermore, her chart shows the lord of the 4th house (house of happiness and prosperity) Saturn to be conjunct along with Jupiter in the 11th house (house of income) of her chart while the 4th house is being aspected by Venus (planet of beauty and sex) which contributes to her sexy body features to be featured more.

The moon which is another planetary body in the chart is aspecting towards the 11th house while being positioned in the 5th house, and the lord of the 5th house Jupiter resides in the 11th house. Both of these planets are mutually aspecting each other and have formed a Gajakesari Raj Yog (King’s Yog) which is the reason for her to find success because of her beauty.

The Gajakeshari Yog formed due to the positioning of Moon and Jupiter added with the Venus occupying the 10th house and Mars residing in the 1st house in its own sign helps in the fact that she can make a successful career in the entertainment industry such as modeling. She was born in Jyestha and thus has a dominating personality to overcome anyone bearing ill will towards her or be jealous of her success.

As mentioned before, Kim’s chart shows Mars to reside in the 1st house which does help her personality to be bold and find success in her career, but it seems to bring trouble for her relationships. Mars is aspecting towards the 7th house (house of love) which suggests that she will have to go through heartbreaks and be disappointed in love before she is able to find the one that is the one for her.

It is a well-known fact that she has been divorced twice in the past and it is due to the fact that in the D9 chart, lord of the 7th house Moon is residing in the 8th house along with Ketu and forming eclipse Yog. Though her relationship with Kanye West at the moment is strong, she has been through a few heartbreaks in the past excluding her past marriages.

This article gives us a look into Kim Kardashian’s personality based on eastern astrology. Eastern astrology has been gradually gaining more practice and is being used by more and more people. If you also wish to try to dabble in Eastern astrology as well, AstroPodMatch is the app where you can find more about eastern astrology and a perfect horoscope match for you.


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