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Couples with these Zodiacs Don’t Get Along. Less Compatible Zodiac couples!

Sep 6, 2019

There are many zodiac signs that are compatible with one another and there are some that are not compatible but still make a relationship work. However, there are some zodiac couples that have real difficulty being together since they have opposing values. Ideas and values often clash between these zodiac signs to the point that they cannot stand being close.

We know that differences can be set aside through communication, but the set values of these zodiac couples are completely opposite of one another proving it difficult to workaround. You may have already read about the compatible zodiac signs, but here are three zodiac couple that has difficulty seeing eye to eye.

Taurus & Aquarius

Taurus is the zodiac sign that is known for being down to earth and always rooted. They are rooted by practicality and most often do not dream of things that are out of their reach. Their practical nature is also the reason for their lack of imagination. While they are a dependable person that you can always count on, most often than not, a Taurus can keep others grounded as well and are firmly rooted in their values making them quite stubborn.

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On the other hand, an Aquarius is one of the most imaginative sign. A dreamer through and through, Aquarius are intelligent and inventive people. Lost in their thoughts, Aquarius for the most time is detached from others and is aloof as well making them unpredictable. Just like a Taurus, Aquarius is also a stubborn sign. It will be hard to dissuade an Aquarius once their mind is made.

The zodiac Aquarius is annoyed by Taurus’ practical nature while Taurus is irked by the aloof and dreamy personality of Aquarius. In their core value, one is a dreamer while the other is a practical person. There is nothing that says one of the other way of living life is wrong but these two signs cannot wrap their head around the other’s personality making them difficult to understand one another as time goes on.

These two have the chance to become an unstoppable force if they are to understand one another’s point of view. A Taurus’ keeping the Aquarius grounded when getting out of hand and Aquarius helping a Taurus to dream bigger is the best way that this relationship can work.

Gemini & Scorpio

Curiosity is the drive of a Gemini. They are an easy-going zodiac sign who are enthusiastic to experience new things. Witty and humorous, Gemini is very intellectual though they may not look at that part due to their easy-going nature. They are known for being a flight risk in a relationship due to their lack of direction in anything. Always looking to enjoy life, they are known for being superficial and lacking inconsistency.

A Scorpio is the complete opposite of the Gemini. They are focused, balanced and overall more of a serious person. Giving their all for the things that they are passionate about, you can say that Scorpio tends to make everything intense. The intensity of a Scorpio is often difficult to match with especially for someone like a Gemini.

Gemini’s personality is too surface level for a Scorpio to digest while Scorpio feels too uptight for a Gemini to like. It is hard for one to understand why the other acts the way they do. Gemini is befuddled by the Scorpio’s reason to take life serious and Scorpio is unable to acknowledge Gemini’s nature to take life too easy. If these two zodiac signs get together, they will forget the reason why they did so in the long run. They may never understand one another so, compromise is the way to make their relationship work.

Sagittarius & Cancer

The need to go out and explore the world and gain fresh experience is the reason for Sagittarius to live. They are not afraid of adventure or the danger out there in the world but are rather afraid of being unable to explore it. Sagittarius is one of the most adventurous zodiac sign that lives for the thrill of adventure and exploration.

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Cancer’s need in life is something else entirely. They look for stability and security. Exploring the world is a great risk for Cancer who for the most time prefer to stay comfortable and stay at the safety of home. Rather than experience new things, they would rather revisit the old relationship around and work on to make it stronger.

Just like the other couples on this list, these two zodiac signs are the complete opposite of one another. Following a routine kills the motivation of a Sagittarius while unpredictability scares a Cancer. Furthermore, Sagittarius is tactless and lack in the emotional department while Cancer requires emotional response being emotionally advanced themselves. To a Cancer, Sagittarius does not provide a safe harbor while on the other end of the spectrum. Cancer does not stimulate Sagittarius as much.

If these two zodiac signs were to inspire from one another, they will be able to learn new values to improve their life altogether. A little adventurous nature to Cancer can give them more sense of life. While a little homely attachment can give the Sagittarius a sense of belonging

For these zodiac couples, it is necessary to address the differences in their relationship. Learn from each other and adapt a little to their partner’s liking to make the relationship work. They do not necessarily have to change completely like their partner, because they can still learn a lot from one another. Differences do not always have to end a relationship as they can help to bring a lot of growth to one another.

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