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Sex Positions You Should Try, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Jun 21, 2022

Just as the taste of our food is different, so is our taste of adventure in bed. Some of us may prefer to be bolder and love to spice things up while others may like to stay on the safe side and not take much risk. Everyone has their own preference and kink while having sex. Here are the best sex positions for you based on your zodiac sign.

Your Best Zodiac Sex Position


Aries love the excitement in bed. You need a lot of stimulation and adventure to be satisfied. Not afraid to try new things to spice things up in the bed. You want excitement and want your partner to get excited along with you. Standing doggy style and cowgirl or its variation of reverse cowgirl can get your heart pumping during sex.
Standing doggy style,  cowgirl or reverse cowgirl


Set in ways, Taurus does not like to take things too far. Sex for you is a pleasure but also a luxury and comfort. You are not too open to trying out a weird sex position that you are not comfortable with. Shower and bathtub sex positions will be well within your comfort zone and something you should definitely check out. Water as an external factor can definitely help to set the mood with varying temperatures.
Bathtub Sex, Shower sex


Geminians are the type to get bored easily. What may have excited you yesterday may not excite you today. So, what will be well suited to such people? The answer is role-playing. This lets you explore a different side of your personality which would keep you off the boredom. You love the variety and are experimental and want things to get challenging.
Role-Playing, Half-bridge position, and one leg above the shoulder


Sex to a Cancer is not about just a physical connection. You want an emotional connection along with the physical as you value intimacy. The more connection you feel to your partner, the more passionate you become. Lotus sex position is the one for you. You can press your heart close to your partner’s in this position. Looking into the eyes, legs wrapped around allows you to feel both physical and emotional connection. 
Lotus, Coital Alignment technique


Quite the opposite of Cancer, Leo does not much care much about looking at their partner in the eyes. You want to feel the power and be in control during sex. It does not mean that you do not care for cuddles or the feelings of your partner. That can come after, but during sex, you only want to satisfy your carnal desire. This is the reason why the doggy position is the best position for Leo.


Virgos love to feel each and every moment of sex. Touch-sensitive, you prefer to further heighten your senses to enjoy sex. Blindfolding can make other senses heighten to help increase your enjoyment. Any position that can awaken a new sensation within you will help you to have one of the best sex. Oral sex and X marks the spot sex position is more suited for Virgos who want the best sensation.
Oral, Doggy, X marks the spot


For Libra, sex is not just about physical satisfaction but emotional as well. You are not the one for spontaneous sexual adventure. You need to prepare mentally before you go into your sexual adventure. A person of class, you prefer to keep your sexual endeavors personal between you and your partner. So, outdoor sex is a no-no for you.
Spoon,   Lying Doggy


As a Scorpio, you enjoy sex more if you feel that you have the full attention of your partner. You get more aroused if your partner plays around with your body and not just your sexual organs. Humans have erogenous areas that can make you feel more aroused. This is why you should ask your partner to interact with your erogenous to feel more pleasure. You should not forget to do the same to your partner.
Missionary with erogenous area touch


Sagittarius wants complete freedom to express themselves. You prefer to take risks and explore uncharted territories. Even if something looks a bit extreme, you will try it at least once. Though technically not a sex position, you love the car sex. It will not be wrong to say that you have thought a great deal about having a threesome. The three-legged dog against the wall sex position is something you should try.
Car sex, three-legged dog against the wall


Capricorn is not as expressive as other zodiac signs even during sex. You prefer to follow the same old classic tradition of the missionary. But everything has its limit, and missionary can bore your partner easily. For that reason alone, it is good to add some more tricks in your book. You do not have to do anything “freaky”, just the variation of missionary with legs up will be a good way to change your scenery in sex. Cowgirl and 69 will also be right up your alley.
Missionary with legs up, Cowgirl, 69


Aquarius is open-minded and likes to do things that are unconventional. Anal sex is an unconventional sexual position that you definitely give a shot at. Furthermore, you are the zodiac sign with a flexible and balanced body. As a result, you can try various positions during sex which may be difficult for other zodiac signs. Kamasutra has some of the most flexible sexual positions for you to try with your partner.
Anal, any flexible and balancing position of Kamasutra


Pisces is always sensitive and passionate. You know that sex involves two parties and that both need to be satisfied. Your partner’s needs are just as important to you as your own. You want equal participation in the sex and can be both submissive and dominating to satisfy your partner. 69 and the magic mountain is the position for you and your partner both to get satisfied.
69, magic mountain


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