Does Noah Schnapp’s Birth Chart have any indications of his come-out story?

Jan 15, 2023

Upon an in-depth look at Noah’s natal chart, this mercurial energy concentrated on the Sagittarius sign will make him a straight shooter, and soar his terseness. He is unlike to be fond of beating the bush around but concise this time around. A direct & honest style of communication and self-expression will be his preference. He will offer himself in an unfiltered way.

Was Leo Messi destined to win the FIFA World Cup 2022? What does his birth chart say?

Dec 30, 2022

Lionel Messi is born Capricorn rising with Shrawan nakshatra on the ascendant. Shrawan nakshatra is symbolized by “Ear” whereas Shrawan is translated as “Hearing”. Shrawan nakshatra native is endowed with attentive listening and retentive traits. They listen carefully, attentively, and empathetically whereas they are quick at absorbing knowledge and skills. This could be one of the reasons he possesses such sublime football skill whether it be the precise control of the ball or readily threading his way through the packed defense, his play is always unbelievable to the eyes.

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