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Weekly Love Horoscope (2nd – 8th January)

Jan 2, 2023

Everything seemed to be going your way making it a perfect beginning of a brand new year. The wonderful karma you’ve been spreading is returning to you tenfold this year. This week, you should take it easy in the first half because second half will be taxing in a good way, full of adventure and excitement. (Don’t be afraid!) Things will quiet down a little over the weekend. You might end up somewhere where you end up charming everyone. Your career house and your money house derived from your career. You may not be inspired to go the additional mile, work overtime, or try to increase your output in order to fulfill an arbitrary deadline. If you have today off, use it to work on fine art, revise a piece of writing, or work on any job that requires meticulous and precise effort. However, as the week comes to a close, you may be feeling rather amorous. It’s possible you’re reading a book or watching a steamy film. And if you can convince your significant other to join you in watching it, it could lead to some fun behind closed doors.

Everyone is complimenting you, enjoy the spotlight.


Your universe is expanding further this new year. A couple of little ripples in your social pond have grown into large waves. It might be time to include some pals in the mix at the start of the week. You could benefit from talking to someone. Speaking of chatting to people, keep in mind that sometimes that cute individual is just as shy as you are and is waiting for you to start the conversation. You’ve been thinking a lot about your love life recently, and this weekend you might decide you’re ready to take the jump. You’re examining your possibilities for change this week. Your educational and public exhibition houses are both in operation. Many people are noticing what you are putting out into the world at this moment. You should double-check your spelling and grammar. Be cautious of what you publish, because others may repost what you say, which could harm your reputation. Similarly, you and a friend may be feeling very close. It’s conceivable you’re telling some old stories and realizing how much you have in common. 

You are filled with compassion, spread love.

This year seems to be focusing more on your workplace balance and career. The very first workweek begins in a frantic blur. There’s a lot heading your way, and it’s difficult to predict when things will quiet down. You may will find yourself immersed in your thoughts and unable to express yourself until end of the week. However, you will finally be able to unwind in the weekend. The rest will be well-earned. After a long period of rest and relaxation, you’ll begin to feel more like yourself soon. You may also be having difficulty making a critical financial decision. Before you start, identify someone you can trust who has personal experience with this topic. However, as the week progresses, your house of popularity suffers. The energy will become more amorous, and you and your companion may be caught in a public display of passion. Your co-worker might come across you and your sweetheart holding hands. It’s possible that your beloved performs a lovely romantic gesture and leaves rose petals on your bed when you open your bedroom door.

You have a lot on your plate right now.

This year gives you the opportunity to take a step back and look at the broader picture. You’ve been hustling and bustling for a while now, attending to minutiae and ensuring that everyone else is happy. Now the question is, are you content? Do you like the direction things are taking? Is there enough chemistry between you and you-know-who? You’ll be thinking about these questions all week. Some days you may wake up feeling inspired to cross items off your to-do list, but this is not the week for mundane jobs. It’s also not a weekend for housework. However, it is a wonderful weekend for romance. This week, a collaboration is possible. You could be waiting by the phone for someone to call. And you can be annoyed that they don’t recognize the ball is in their court. It would be better to work on something difficult that takes entire concentration. Right now, your mind is tuned in to this energy. What else does it improve is your house of flights of fancy. For the most part, it could be a lovely, full-colour, surround-sound romance. The mere notion of their fingertips going down your cheek and neck may cause chills. This week, you want to live a romantic story.

Let your imagination run wild.

This year will be all about taking a pause and relax.  Because the stars are also impacting your house of health and well-being, you may be acutely aware that you require extra time off. You may require more sleep or simply more time to calm and decompress. This is the time to pause, put down your phone, and take a deep breath. This simple act can assist you in feeling more centered and grounded. Just because someone appears attractive from across the street does not necessitate a dash into traffic to double-check. The truth is that many strangers appear appealing until you get close to them. Rather than continuously craning your neck to see who is available, practice letting people come to you this week. It’s healthy to remain active, but constantly on the move makes you appear frantic. Someone is going to strike up a conversation with you move the second half of the week. Sparks will fly, even on the internet. You might spend the entire weekend talking. You’re connecting with people this week, not goods. It would also be nice to be pampered this week. This is an ideal time for a massage. Alternatively, you might relax in a bubble bath or hot tub. Maybe you should wrap yourself in the softest fleece you can locate.

Your tactile senses are primed for some indulgence.

This year, your creativity and endeavour are on focus. As a result, you’re trying to get it just right. You might have a date this week. As you reach to open a door, your hand may come into contact with the hand of a stranger, sparking a dialogue. Within minutes, you realize you have a lot in common. This might lead to a coffee date and possibly more. If you’re looking for love, this week has the potential to be magical. You and they are both interested in each other, but you have distinct time periods. If you really like this individual, it’s critical that you let them move at their own pace. However, by midweek, you should have a good idea of how realistic this possible partnership is, allowing you to act with purpose. Put your compatibility to the test this weekend.

You will make significant progress in figuring out your love life.

This year you will be focusing on your of health and well-being. You may practice attentive meditation. You might balance your seven chakras while listening to relaxing piano music or completing a guided meditation for positive energy and clearing your aura. You’re going within this week to find the truth. There is so much happening in the beginning of the week that you don’t know what to do. You’re at a loss for where to look. You’ll be on the go for short while and then will you be able to finally take a breather and relax. You’ll have a lot more time to pay attention to you-know-who the remainder of the week. These days, all you can think about is this individual. Are you prepared to do more than just contemplate them? Make a strategy! You could assist a relative who is expecting or has recently given birth. You are now surrounded by the younger generation. 

You’re concentrating on yourself.


If you’re looking for love, this year is an excellent time to meet someone who has same romantic goals as you. And the love that develops may be the stuff of a romance tale. Everything you’ve been hoping for in a romance could come true this week. With all the creative energy in the air, beginning of the week should be especially lovely. By midweek, you’ll get the chance to wow someone special with one of your secret abilities. You’ll want to keep things low-key (take lots of naps), but you’ll be pushed back into the love game this weekend. This might become a big problem. Take some time to think about whether this is what you want. The stars are impacting your family’s home. You may have a planned get-together with a sibling, but arrangements can easily go awry today. Delays may occur due to your schedule, their schedule, or the weather in general. Flexibility will be essential. Similarly, you and your spouse may do something exciting that sends shivers up your spine. This may include a couples massage or soaking in a steamy hot tub surrounded by snow.
You’re asking all the correct questions this week.

Beginning of this brand new year bring time for a spark of inspiration, some new energy, or some adventure! Nothing gets the blood pumping like an experience that broadens one’s horizons. The main question right now is who you’d go through it with. You’re going to put some effort into dealing with troubles at home this week. And it just so happens that you might meet someone this weekend who makes your heart skip a beat and is looking for adventure. Bingo. There’s also a conflict between your heart and your brain. Your head knows what your spending limit is, what your budget is, and what you want to achieve in terms of savings. You’re having trouble staying inside your budget. It’s possible that as the days pass, the weather outside makes it tough to do anything else. Stay at home with your bae, cosy up in a fleece blanket, and watch animated movies. Perhaps you want to do something a little more traditional, like putting together a jigsaw puzzle with your family around the dining room table.
You’ll want to keep things in check this week.


This year gives you wonderful opportunity to organize your life better. Keeping decent financial records will make things feel better. You may fight accounting concepts at times, but knowing what you have and what you need always makes you feel more grounded and stronger in general. This week, writing has played a significant role in your life. When you look into the eyes of the one you want, your tongue expands, your hands begin to tremble, and your mind becomes blank. Love, oh love. It’s past time you stopped depending on your conversational improvisation and wrote down your views in a creative, brief message merely to let this person know you’re interested. You may be distracted by a family crisis, but you can return to this amorous project this week. By the end of the week, the two of you might be regularly trading texts. This year, your house of fiction, scripts, and creative writing is also enhanced. You could pick up a pen and compose a short story. You could team up with a pal to write a screenplay. Perhaps you’re keeping a diary with writing prompts that encourage you to focus on thankfulness and success. You’re putting your thoughts on paper.
You’re in the spotlight.

This year, experiment with seeing things in new ways. In beginning of the week, you’ll realize you don’t have as much money as you thought you did, and the fact may depress you a little. Money is not the only source of value. This week, you might encounter someone who makes you want to swoon, such as a musician with a day job or a charitable worker with a beautiful grin. Nothing beats finding someone who understands exactly how you feel.
You might also be the person standing in front of the room with a microphone. You may feel unprepared, yet you enjoy adventure and excitement. This unplanned stardom may arise as a result of someone else’s absence, and it is now up to you to step up on stage and take the lead. This weekend, expect to make exciting discoveries with your friends. You can get a great price on everything from a down coat to a designer pocketbook. You can get the technological device you want for a cheaper price than you expected. 

You’re going to get something you want.

You’re feeling perceptive about practically everything this year. Everyone will need you in the beginning of the week, which is OK with you because you have more than enough energy. You’re extremely stunning. Continue to treat yourself nicely and assist others wherever possible. This is a fantastic week to do something for the community. By midweek, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world. A minor issue may develop, and you may not be able to regain your footing as readily as you had thought. But you’ll feel grounded and (lucky you!) cherished this weekend. You’re getting a lot of attention right now. Everyone compliments you on your appearance and your clothes. Because you’re putting your best foot forward, this is a terrific week to meet new people. If you’re looking for love, now is a great time to go on a first date, even if you’ve just recently been chatting via text.

Give back the love you receive.


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