AstroPod – Water Signs Zodiac 2022 August Love Horoscope (August 15-21)


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AstroPod – Earth Signs Zodiac 2022 August Love Horoscope (August 15-21)

Aug 16, 2022

Earth sign traits – Earth signs are grounded, loyal, and good at accumulating wealth. They tend to appreciate the finer things in life and are sensual creatures.


This week, be the pillar of support to your partner. Make sure you are providing your partner with all the assistance they need as their family goes through a difficult time. Legal issues might need to be resolved together. Do all you can to make your partner happy, whether it’s a small favor around the house or something more lavish and romantic, because happiness begins at home. A friend or coworker might approach you about a relationship problem during this Mercury cycle. For those who are unattached, delayed progression will probably work out now. You might get what you want very soon. Now, everything in life is going smoothly — in love, at job, and with family. Enjoy your accomplishments and don’t let criticism get to you. You are prepared to discover and connect with fresh facets of who you are.

In the view of many, this makes you powerful and appealing. Make use of this to your benefit. Use your power wisely.


You radiate strength and desire. Promote it. The emotions are raging. There will be a conflict between your desire for romance and sexual gratification and your obligation to take care of your own or a loved one’s health. Your week may include trips to the doctor or the hospital. Children, the elderly and disabled may require your assistance. Remember to take a break for fun and entertainment in the midst of all these obligations. As you rejuvenate through spiritual pursuits or social activities, let your creativity emerge. Even when some connections are ending, fresh ones are waiting for you. Seize the opportunity to cling onto what or who you truly desire right now. Express your true feelings to your potential partner. Get to know one another better. Enjoy some quiet time as well to think and reflect. You are prepared to discuss part of your own history because your thoughts are on the past. Enjoy your time together as bonding is now simple. Be lively and jovial at all times.

This will draw attention to you and alert anyone nearby. The entire globe is at your disposal. Create the life you want to live.


Your travel plans are changed by a death or illness in your partner’s family, which makes you sad right now. In this stage, fresh beginnings are happening as other things come to an end. This opportunity can lead to a move or a change in employment status. Whatever it is, it will make you feel better about yourself. Don’t go overboard and indulge in vices that can damage your reputation, but feel free to celebrate a little with a new haircut or shopping spree. Now that you truly feel as though you have a purpose, believe your gut feeling and listen to your heart. Your social life becomes more active overnight, and the impressions you make there permeate other areas of your life. Making wise decisions for both the long and short terms is feasible with your freshly revived attitude. Numerous possibilities will present themselves to you, and how you choose to take advantage of them will be crucial. Make wise judgments because they will have long-term effects. The most positive of the new impulses entering your life right now is spiritual in nature. Feel it in your heart and spirit, and take care of it in your daily activities.

Make time for romance and to liven up your romantic situation.


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