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Mar 11, 2019

We are surrounded by colors as it is present in each and everything. Colors add to the beauty of our world and it is due to the presence of color that we are able to appreciate the world around us. Just as it is with zodiac compatibility, there is also a thing such as colors suitable to each zodiac signs. Depending on the zodiac, there are zodiac sign colors which shall be good for you and others which may not be as much. If you are wondering which color is suited to you, then continue with the article to find all about the color suited to your zodiac.

Find Your Zodiac Color Palette

Every zodiac sign has a definitive character and personality trait that fits them depending on what zodiac sign they have. Just as such, each zodiac sign has a particular color which suits them better than most. Here are some of the colors suited for each of the zodiac signs.

Mesh (Aries): Mesh is the actionable people who are not hesitant to make a move. The color red is the one that matches the fire that burns inside of a Mesh. When the fire is burning too strongly, offwhite and cream color shall be good colors to bring down the aggression. Rust, saffron, golden yellow, and mustard are some of the other colors that will match a Mesh well.

Vrish (Taurus): For the calm and collected Vrish with their introverted nature, the colors pink and white shall be able to complement well with their personality. As they also look for stability, they can find comfort in Khaki, brown, and beige. The best color of all will still be pink and white for the Vrish.

Mithun (Gemini): Mithun are fickle nature and bright colors tend to attract them more. Green is the most suitable color that matches a Mithun as it gives the feeling of growth and stability. Aside from it, black will be a color that shall help to dial down the fickleness of Mithun. White and pink are also a good choice for the Mithunas.

Karkata (Cancer): Karkata are caring people and the color of blue and white are the ones that bring out the best of their personality. Yellow will be a good color to bring success and positive influence. While red shall be a great help for bringing more energy into their lives, too much red can result in restlessness and inner turmoil.

Singha (Leo): Singha is dramatic and also bold. It is due to this factor that orange looks to be the color that brings out the best of a Singha. The color highlights the bright and optimistic nature that a Singha has. The color of gold and chromas of yellow shall also help to make them more positive and also help to be the center of attention as well.

Kanya (Virgo): Kanya is introverted and withdrawn in nature as such they like colors that do not put the spotlight on them. The earthy colors of grey, brown, moss green and black shall be good for them. These colors help to prevent getting the attention of the people which shall help to keep the Kanya from being nervous and go well with their temperament.

Tula (Libra): Just as the sign suggests, Tula always looks for balance and harmony. The color blue is a perfect match for the Tula as it signifies good balance and harmony. White and pink are also a good color for Tula as they are plain and show simplicity. Colors that do not show being too bold will be a good pick for the Tula.

Vrischik (Scorpio): For Vrischikas who are passionate, the color scarlet will bring the best of them. Colors like purple, maroon, green and red shall all help to preserve the passion that they hold inside them and also help to suggest splashes of mystery and magic for them.

Dhanu (Sagittarius): Always open and honest, Dhanu is well defined by the color yellow. The color is bright and optimism which goes along really well with their open and friendly nature. Aside from this, blue and red also matches well with Dhanu. Red provides the Dhanu with a good attitude while blue helps them to be cool and calm to better interact with others.

Makar (Capricorn): Makara are reserved by nature and it is better to avoid getting a lot of attention as it may keep them impatient if drawn too much attention to themselves. Combination of black and white will be much better for Makara. colors color suited for Makar is navy blue, indigo, and grey. It would be better to avoid bright colors especially the color yellow.

Kumbha (Aquarius): For Kumbha, any color that goes out of the traditional and basic color is good. Colors like electric blue or anything that suggests a mixture of colors will be a good fit for Kumbha. If all else fails, Kumbha can still depend on black.

Meen (Pisces): Meen who are sensitive and gentle will be able to keep a positive mindset with bright color. The most suitable color for a Meen would be yellow. Furthermore, colors of pale yellow, mauves, lilac, lavender, light purple, peaches, and white are also colors that help to keep the Meen at a positive and optimistic mood.


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