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Zodiac Fashion Style – What’s your star sign style?

May 16, 2019

Different people, different style. Fashion is not the same for everyone. Some people are bold and love to dress flashy, while others try to avoid gathering attention to self and as such may dress in a way that grabs less attention from onlookers. It is people’s personal preference that shapes their fashion sense. Though everyone has a different sense of fashion style, your zodiac sign can influence which sense of fashion you are most likely to follow.


If there is ever a zodiac sign that exudes confidence, it will have to be Aries. Aries people are known for being bold and always taking the initiative. Whether it be in your workplace or in any casual setting, there is no doubt that clothes can give you confidence. Aries is one of the perfect examples of it. A suit that shows power in the workplace or sleek, sporty and sexy look depending when out of work, Aries is always dressed to the event.


The ones who are grounded, Taurus is not a flashy kind. Simple and practical is what defines a Taurus, which is what they put into practice while dressing up. Classic looks with plain clothes is what a Taurus is comfortable in. The less flashy clothes, the better for Taurus. Though they may wear simple, the quality of the clothes does matter very much. Taurus is not afraid to spend money when it comes to owning clothes of classic brands that have been known to outlast trends.


Free-spirited and inquisitive, Gemini desires freedom and as much as possible at that. Being free-spirited lets Gemini be the zodiac sign that experiments with cloths. Geminis are more likely to mix and match styles to find the right combinations. An upbeat sense of style with a touch of a whimsical element describes the fashion sense of Gemini to a T. Anything that constraints movement or freedom is something that Gemini would try to avoid at all cost.


Hiding behind a tough exterior, the zodiac sign expressed by the crab has a kind and nurturing personality. Cancer loves a style that gives the vibe of comfort and security. Less likely to go out of their comfort zone, Cancer will wear something that has been in their wardrobe for a long time rather than a recent addition. Seeing a Cancer sporting a jacket is nothing new as they love adding layers to their style.


There are very few things in life that can cause the loud and proud Leo to feel nervous but the style is not one of them. Just like how a lion takes pride in its mane, Leos take pride in their sense of style. Leos love to be the center of attention and like Aries, are always dressed for the occasion. They love to wear clothes of top brands as it catches the attention of others as well as showcases the pride of a Leo.


Analytical and attention to detail is one of the strongest suits of Virgo. A Virgo does not like things done haphazardly which includes their style and what they wear. A neat, clean and organized look is what a Vigo goes for. A clean cut look is not easy to pull off and it takes a lot of thought and time to get the look down and it can be hard on Virgo. But, no matter how long it may take them to dress up, one thing that they will never look is sloppy.


The scale signifies balance and that is what Libra looks for in life and in fashion as well. Libra loves to be social and as such would never dress in a way that would impose other people’s attention. A style that is elegant and gracious without being too bold is the definition of Libra’s fashion sense. Color coordination is one of the abilities of Libra that helps her to attain the look that she desires. A simple T-shirt and jeans can be taken to the next level with the fashion sense of Libra.


Burning with intense passion, Scorpio is courageous and bold. They are the type of people who would keep up with the latest trend and fashion. If there is a new clothing line that is trending, you can best believe that Scorpio is already up to date regarding the matter. Their sense of style is sexy and powerful. Scorpio is of the concept that overdressing to an event is better than being underdressed.


The adventurous and spontaneous heart is worn by Sagittarius which is exhibited in their style. Most people’s fashion sense will follow a similar pattern in their style, but that is not the case for Sagittarius. Not afraid to venture out and try new things, Sagittarius is always experimenting with their style. They do not care about color coordination and will not hesitate to take bold chances to look different. Anything that screams fun, Sagittarius is prepared to wear it.


Capricorn has a methodical personality which stems from their ambitious personality. If you wish to achieve your goal, you want to be in control and power. It is the reason that Capricorn wants to dress up as someone in authority and power. Always business oriented, Capricorn finds comfort in conservative clothing which gives a professional vibe with someone who is not afraid to take charge.


Unorthodox and non-traditional, Aquarius are individualistic and are the trendsetter. Aquarius does not feel the pressure or need to keep up with the fashion world. Keeping up with the trend means following someone else’s style. They are comfortable in their own style and the need to not follow other’s style results in the unique style that is befitting to Aquarius.


With an imaginative personality, you would think that Pisces would dress up wild and crazy. But, a Pisces style differs depending on emotion and intuition rather than imagination. Their sense of style expresses emotion and color is the key to showing your emotion. Depending on how they are feeling on any given day, a Pisces style may differ from day to day. For someone who is introverted, Pisces is not afraid to wear their emotion on their sleeves (literally).

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