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The Zodiac Elements: Fire, Air, Earth, Water

Mar 7, 2019

There are twelve zodiac signs in astrology and in Vedic astrology they are grouped into four elements like fire, air, earth, and water which are the four natural elements of the world. Just like how these elements interact with each other in the real world, the zodiacs with these elements tend to react to each other in a similar manner as well.

The Four Zodiac Elements

Fire: Fire is meant to keep you warm and help you escape from the coldness. Just like the fire in real life, zodiac signs that have fire elements tend to be passionate people who have a burning fire inside of them. However, just as intense fire can burn everything and cause great destruction, the zodiac elements with fire can also become hotheaded due to too much fire building up inside them.

These individuals should keep their fire burning but not to the extent that they burn themselves or those around them. AriesLeo, and Sagittarius are the zodiacs that have the fire element.

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Air: Air is an essential part of living. Air can be a gentle breeze on a summer day or a huge tornado that can blow you away and as such, zodiac signs with air elements generally suggest ideas and changes. They can blow you away with their ideas and creativity or could be the gentle breeze that you needed in your hardest of time. Though some people of this element can also be air-heads, they will bring a sense of relief and a breath of fresh air in your life.

Air signs can be unpredictable and be hard to catch up to but they bring adventure and excitement in your life. Zodiac signs with air elements are GeminiLibra, and Aquarius.

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Earth: Earth denotes stability as they are dependable like the ground that we walk on. Earth sign is built upon the solid foundation and help you to keep grounded to earth should you fly too high. No matter how hard a difficult situation they may be passing through they will not crumble under pressure and are reliable in the hard times.

They tend to be more practical which could at times make them materialistic but they are always loyal and stable. The zodiacs like TaurusVirgo, and Capricorn represent the earth element the very best.

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Water: When you think of water, it suggests flow and depth like the ocean. Just as water keeps flowing and connects to connect with one another to become a larger body, zodiacs with water element are able to connect with other people easily. They are able to flow with time and can adjust to any container or place that they are kept in. They could be essential in your life but if anger could be the tidal waves that can drown you. Zodiac Signs with Water elements are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

The Interaction of Zodiac Elements

The zodiac elements just like the zodiac compatibility help to determine the nature and quality of a person and also helps to determine how a relationship with zodiac elements could act out. The zodiacs which have the same elements make the most suitable partner to one another. For example, zodiac with fire elements have the same passion inside of them and are able to understand each other better. As such zodiac elements with similar elements tend to be more suited to one another. But for interaction with different elements, now that is a different matter.

Fire and Air: A Fire sign could work very well with someone with an Air sign. Fire is passionate and actionable people and they could be very attracted to an Air’s clever mind and creative ideas. They can have a very strong connection with one another and could have zodiac compatibility as well.

Fire and Water: People of Fire sign and Water sign may differ from one another. While Fire signs are more passionate, Water sign tends to be more emotional. The relationship between a Fire sign and Water sign is possible but being of a different concept, they may not last as long.

Fire and Earth: These two signs are likely to be a mismatch with one another. Fire who is more actionable and passionate could get tired of Earth’s practical attitude. If the two could work on their relationship and meet each other halfway then their relationship could go the distance. But, they are likely to have squabble throughout their relationship as it is quite easy for them to get under one another’s skin.

Earth and Air: Earth sign which believes in practicality and stability may find it hard to go along with Air sign’s big dreams and ideas. These signs have a different ideology which could prove to be big issues in the relationship but is able to work it out, can still make the relationship work.

Earth and Water: Earth and Water have a good chance to form a strong relationship. Just as how water nurtures earth to give growth to plants, similar interaction can be found among an Earth and Water sign. Just like Fire and Air signs, these two elements work very well with one another and can live in harmony.

Air and Water: Air which generally has big dreams and ideas may find it difficult to understand Water who goes along with anything that other people have to say. This relationship is likely to have more misunderstanding and mismatching and are not suited for a very long lasting relationship. For an Air sign which is more analytical, the emotional side of a Water sign may seem too dramatic.

In general, this is the way that zodiac elements interact with each other. But, these are not set in stone. Many factors are taken into account to determine if a person is suited to another, especially in Vedic astrology. A full reading of a person’s natal chart is needed in order to find out what kind of a person is more suited to him or her or could use the help of the up and coming dating app AstroPod which uses the Vedic astrology as an algorithm to find a suitable partner for you.

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