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Mar 8, 2019

There are 12 zodiac signs in total and each of us has a zodiac sign that belongs to us based upon the time of our birth. In astrology, the zodiac is used to determine the characteristics of a person and can also be used to find out who you are more compatible to be together with. Here are some clues as to which zodiac signs are compatible with each other based upon Vedic/eastern astrology.

Which Zodiac Signs make Good Partners?

Depending on your zodiac sign, you may be more suited to be in a relationship with some zodiac sign than the others. Here are the 12 zodiacs and their suitable match-ups.

Mesh (Aries): Aries people are quick to action and are very straightforward in nature. They are not hesitant to make the first move or take the first step. Aries individuals are well suited to Leo who is extrovert in nature and with Sagittarius who is very sociable.

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Vrish (Taurus): For the Calm and collected Taurus who is slow to change and look forward to comfort, someone with more stability is well suited. Virgo who is firm on its belief and Capricorn with their well-organized nature make good partners for Taurus.

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Mithun (Gemini): Geminis are emotional and are over-talker characters who are attracted to bright minds, comical, and playful personalities. They get along very well with Libra who is positive and bright minded or with Aquarius whose eccentric nature can keep the Geminis on their toes.

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Karkata (Cancer): Sensitive and family oriented, Cancer looks for a homely feel when looking for a partner. Cancer gets along very well with passionate and sensitive people like Pisces or passionate Scorpio.

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Singha (Leo): Leos are kind, dramatic, and make good motivators. As someone who loves to motivate others, they get along very well with someone who can meet up with their expectation. Aries who are not shy to take action and Sagittarius who is always enthusiastic shall be a good match.

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Kanya (Virgo): You need your time to understand and get close to a Virgo, but they are likely to be devoted and sincere once you get to know them. It takes attentive and efficient Taurus or a conservative Capricorn to fully appreciate all the positives that a Virgo can bring in the relationship.

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Tula (Libra): Libras are Very Charismatic and cheerful but their personality only shines when they are together with a partner. Gemini with their witty thinking and unconventional Aquarius will be able to compliment Libras very well and let them shine even brighter.

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Vrischik (Scorpio): Scorpios are Passionate, subtle and have concealed intensity. They take everything to the extreme whether it be love or hate. Cancer who are more family oriented or Pisces who are of similar values shall be a good match for the Scorpio.

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Dhanu (Sagittarius): Sagittarius is generally Friendly, open and honest in nature. They are well suited to a forward and aggressive personality like Aries and kind and caring people such as Leo.

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Makar (Capricorn): Capricorn is melancholic, emotional and misunderstood easily. They look for a long-term and stable relationship. People with more stability such as Taurus or the sincere and devote personality like Virgo will be a good match for a Capricorn.

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Kumbha (Aquarius): Aquarius give off the vibe of a friendly and bright-minded individual but can seem distant at times due to them being Unable to express emotion. The over talker Gemini or the ever so bright Libra will be more than a good match for an Aquarius.

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Meen (Pisces): Pisces pay close attention to their surroundings and are able to read a situation properly. People who can match their emotional wavelength like Cancer and have the same level of intensity such as Scorpio is more likely to be a suitable partner for Pisces.

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Also, people with the same zodiac sign are also very compatible with each other as they have similar personalities. For example; Aries who are very forward and action-oriented shall have a good relationship with another Aries as they both shall be able to understand each other better due to the similar personality that they have.

Compatible Zodiac Does Not Always End In Successful Relationship

People with compatible zodiacs make for a good couple and can go the long distance in the relationship. However, having a compatible zodiac does not always mean that you shall have a successful and healthy relationship. There are various aspects that are taken into account to know if whether a person is suited for you or not.

But no matter whether you have a compatible zodiac or not, you can always make a relationship work if both the parties involved in the relationship are willing to put in the effort. A compatible zodiac does not automatically mean a successful relationship, but knowing which zodiac’s you are more likely to have a successful relationship with can increase the chances for you to be in a happy and healthy relationship.

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