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Venus in each Zodiac Sign – What to expect?

Jun 4, 2019

Love, beauty, and money; all of these things are associated with the planet Venus. Venus is known as the planet of love and romance. But, contrary to most belief, Venus’ influence can also be felt on things like emotions, mood swing, and your passions as well.

Zodiac signs and planets are very important in astrology. The position of Planets when in place in different zodiac sign can bring different influences.

Find out the influence of Venus in each Zodiac sign.

Venus in Aries

Aries is the sign ruled by fire and this is a fierce zodiac sign. An individual with an Aries zodiac sign is assertive in general. Venus occupying Aries sign will result in the individual to become more assertive in their love life. People will be more cheerful and positive. Excitement is the vibe that is produced by these individuals. They are both energetic but impatient in a romantic situation.

Creativity, beauty and fine arts, greatly gravitate those who have Venus in Aries. They are an amalgamation of sensuality and passion which also make them attractive and irresistible to many. However, these people also tend to be driven towards corporeal aspects of life however irreligious the choices may be. They are upfront about their desires and would not label their relationship as friends if they clearly have romantic feelings for the other.

Venus in Taurus

Venus is the ruling planet of the Taurus. When Venus is placed in Taurus, the individual will be independent in nature. People who have Venus in Taurus will generally be very attractive physically. The added quality of elegant and sophistication with refined manners is the charm of those with Venus in Taurus. They chase after arts and have got an exceptional taste when it comes to dance and music. 

Taurus by nature is a sign that is more grounded and that does not change even when Venus is positioned in it. When in love or a relationship, they look for Stability and loyalty. Sexually, they are not as much explorative and are very earthy. They are serious when in a relationship and choose caution to make sure they are in the right relationship. 

Venus in Gemini

Bubbly is the personality which is produced when Venus is positioned in Gemini. The individual is more friendly and impatient when Venus is in Gemini. They live their life freely and are not tied down by the opinion of others. They can be seen as fickle and shallow like how kids and children are. But, due to this, they can also be viewed as innocent and childlike.

People become more optimistic and hopeful with the position of Venus in Gemini. They are unable to hold onto their feelings and approach with their hearts wide open to the person that they have feelings for. The thought that other people can betray them never occur in their mind which is alarming. They lack in the sense of maturity which most people have to get through in life. 

Venus in Cancer

Cancer is the sign which shows sensitivity and attachment. When Venus is positioned in Cancer, the individual tends to bare everything open especially when they are in love becoming very vulnerable in front of their significant other. They trust others very easily and are easily sweet-talked. They become very optimistic in love and can often get hurt due to the factor. Being a good judge of emotion and sympathetic to others is their charm which attracts others to them.

The person becomes wise, strong and virtuous when Cancer is positioned in Venus. Wealth and happiness is a strong desire that they have but they do get tangled in trouble with the opposite sex and liquor. The individual is moody and unpredictable as well which makes them difficult to handle in a relationship. If you are someone who has Venus in Cancer, you should learn to avoid blaming others if you are the one that has done the wrong and vice versa. 

Venus in Leo

The fire sign Leo which signifies confidence and bravery. People who have Venus in Leo are compassionate and determined. They are very enthusiastic about life and try to live every moment to the best. They carry the mentality of go big or go home. The creativity provided by Venus and confidence granted by Sun which is their ruling planet makes them natural showmen. Taking the spotlight and becoming the center of attention is where they thrive.

Though always bright, you will see them the happiest when in love. With creativity and confidence, it would be very hard not to like them which is why they will never have trouble to find new love. In a relationship, they are courteous, romantic and excited which keeps their significant other happy to be in love with them. They are loyal to their partner. They are respectful of their partner and appreciate freedom and power in the relationship rather than being constrained by it. 

Venus in Virgo

Venus is in a debilitated position when in Virgo. Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo and Venus and Mercury are friends towards each other which is why the effect is average. But, the debilitated position does affect the individual’s relationship in a negative way. When Venus is in Virgo, the person’s relationship especially marital relationship is affected negatively. The individual becomes has a cautious personality which can result in them to be more doubtful in a relationship. Finding fulfillment in their love and married life is a great struggle for them.

Though, it may seem like people with Venus in Virgo are insecure, it only comes from their commitment to the relationship. Do not get it wrong, they make for good lovers. They are polite, well mannered and respectful of their partner. The individual has a strong love for luxuries and maintains a luxurious lifestyle. material comforts are related to their level of success and as such very important to them.  

Venus in Libra

Venus is the ruling planet of Libra and as such can be said to be its rightful position when in Libra. Libra does signify balance and Venus signifies love. So, people who have Venus in Libra find to be truly balanced after they have found a counterpart for themselves. They desire to be in a relationship and show the best of their potential when in a relationship. Elegant and graceful, the individuals hold a charming personality and are very romantic people. 

When they find someone with good intention and heart, they fall easily for them. They have a strong need of love and when not in a relationship can feel out of balance in life. Love for them is a strong motive to reach greater heights in life. They do not find meaning in a casual relationship and are always looking for a long term relationship. Going above and beyond to preserve the relationship can make them lose their self-respect in the relationship. They get hurt easily because of their wish for a happy and successful love story.

Venus in Scorpio

Venus is the love planet whereas, Scorpio is the zodiac sign of passion and sensuality. The position of Venus in Scorpio can result in a heightened desire for sex, romance, and love. Mars is the ruling planet of Venus which gives them aggression making them assertive and dominant in a relationship. Ever the loyal soldier, they are not afraid of commitment. When betrayed, they develop strong feelings to take their revenge on the person responsible. 

People with Venus in Scorpio are a straight arrow who are clear about what they want from life. They are the type to become jealous and possessive in a relationship. They do not take the matter of heart lightly and expect the same from their partner. Their demanding and dominating nature makes them difficult to handle in a relationship. They do not mind confrontation and are not hesitant to start arguments. They are proud individuals with a big ego. 

Venus in Sagittarius

Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius. Jupiter and Venus share an inimical relationship but that does not cause a negative influence due to both the planets being benefic planets. Those with Venus in Sagittarius never have to worry about financial issues as they have good financial status throughout their life. They are virtuous and are dutiful towards others. They are sociable and friendly in nature and are comfortable being around their friends. Favored by luck, they are likely to be blessed with a fortunate and wealthy partner.

Their dutiful nature gives them a strong desire to make their family proud. Honest and broad mindset helps them maintain a healthy and happy relationship. When an issues pop up, they are able to handle with a polite and tactful approach thanks to Venus. They are also more inclined towards religion and faith. Good health and attractive personality make them lead a happy life in the long run. Love independence and freedom to lead their life to their desire.

Venus in Capricorn

People who have Capricorn tend to be reserved and rarely show their emotions to others. With Venus’ position in Capricorn, the individuals find it difficult to express their feelings to their loved ones. They are far from assertive in a relationship and are timid in nature. The thought of rejection bears a heavy cross in their mind which leads to insecurity. They tend to hide their feelings and are unexpressive about it making them seem emotionally unavailable.

They are practical when it comes to love matters. Handle things about love with discretion and do not like others snooping in on their business. As much struggle as they have trouble with love, they prosper in the professional domain. These individuals need to learn to be more expressive and more willing to ask their partner for helping heart when in trouble.

Venus in Aquarius

The placement of Venus in Aquarius makes the person be more detached from their loved ones. Friends and families are second thoughts to them and when it comes to love, they prefer to challenge a relationship rather than go with the flow. Their own freedom and personal space keep higher priority in their life and other people come secondary to them whether it be friends or family.

Always calm and collected, though they may come off as selfish, people understand that they love to live freely. They prefer a relationship build-up from friendship rather than an unknown date or a stranger. They want a friend for a long journey rather than a lover. Unlike most people, people with Venus in Aquarius are in no rush for marriage and get married at a late age.

Venus in Pisces

Venus, when positioned in Pisces, is in an exalted position which is a highly favorable position. Individuals with Venus in Pisces are very attractive and have a polite speech mannerism. Good with words, they are able to control other people’s emotion with their diction. They are flexible and can go with the flow to make any situation work. However, they are not expressive about the struggles they are facing and choose to suffer in silence. 

In love, people with Venus keep the best effort to keep their partner happy. The fear of rejection and relationship coming to an end is the reason that they put their partner first. They can be manipulated by their partner and can be taken advantage of as well. They have a desire to be loved and understood, but they must stop depending upon others for love and learn to love themselves. 

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