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Love Horoscope – August 24 – 29th

Which Asta Lakshmi are you blessed with in your life as your love partner?

Oct 24, 2022

‘Dipawali/Tihar’, The second grand & national festival celebrated in Nepal after Dashain has colored the faces of Nepalese with bliss. And even more excitement and enthusiasm will be experienced in every Hindu household or Lakshmi Divotee today as Today is marked as Lakshmi Puja where people welcome Goddess Lakshmi into their houses by decorating their houses with lights or diyas, making rangoli (an art of multicolor floor decoration) and performing necessary rituals appeasing Goddess Lakshmi.

Being the auspicious day today-Lakshmi Puja, this day holds the significance of not only veneration of Goddess Lakshmi and welcoming Goddess Lakshmi-Goddess of wealth, fortune & prosperity into their own house but lit up the light of knowledge to chase away ignorance within or cleansing impurities from within whereas reminding us to live life with loud joy like the firecrackers as well.

Furthermore, Tihar is a reminder of how divinity lies in every creature thus we worship crows, dogs, and cows in Tihar. It’s a recognition of oneness with whole life and reverence to it. And Hindu Culture has always treated females with a certain reverence as it’s believed that females are the embodiment of the Goddess which is why “Mothers” are always revered with utmost respect, love, and appreciation. Not only “Mothers” but whenever a bride is welcomed into her in-law’s house, she is perceived as Lakshmi, and families celebrate her entrance as Lakshmi has entered the house and the same goes when a daughter is born in a house.  In essence, females are revered as divine energies in Hindu Culture. And as per Hindu religion and mythology, it’s believed that Goddess Lakshmi manifests in eight forms and blesses its devotee in eight unique ways.

This Octet of Lakshmi is famously known as “Ashtalakshmi” as well. Since females are always revered in our Hindu culture as Lakshmi or Goddess, which avatar of Lakshmi are you blessed with or will be blessed with as your love partner?

Aadi Lakshmi

Aadi Lakshmi aka Primeval Lakshmi confers spiritual wealth to its devotee who is devoted to the pursuit of knowledge of thyself. Thus, your love partner will be more drawn toward spirituality or self-knowledge when she has the blessing of Aadi Lakshmi. Your partner will be endowed with profound wisdom for whom more than accumulating material wealth, she will be wise enough to always prioritize the knowledge of self as self-knowledge & spirituality will be that treasure which is the most and only valuable treasure to any materialistic possessions out there.

Zodiac sign who shall be looking Aadi Laxmi in their partner – Sagittarius

Dhana Lakshmi

As the name “Dhana Lakshmi” speaks for itself, Dhana Lakshmi bestows Dhana (Wealth & Fortune) to its devotee whereas a partner who has the grace of Dhana Lakshmi will enter your life with fortune. She will enter your life with a coffer full of riches, influences, and worldly success. She will be the magnifier of the wealth in your life. Thus, riches & prosperity will flow into your life easily & sturdily from every direction when your partner has the blessing of Dhana Lakshmi.

Zodiac sign who shall be looking Dhana Laxmi in their partner – Virgo

Dhanya Lakshmi

Goddess of Grain, Dhanya Lakshmi ensures Agricultural wealth in her Devotee life. On this note, healthier foods which is the lifeline for survival will be ensured when your partner is under the protection of Dhanya Lakshmi. You will find your life is nourished with healthier diets keeping your overall physical, mental and spiritual health robust. And such blessing for well-being & nurture in life will be easily experienced when your partner will have the grace of Dhanya Lakshmi.

Zodiac sign who shall be looking Dhanya Laxmi in their partner – Cancer and Gemini

Gaja Lakshmi

Gaja is translated as “Elephant” referring to Power, Abundance, and Royal Splendours, and in this sense, Gaja Lakshmi also known as “Elephant Lakshmi” proffers royal-like power, comfort, and grandeur in life. There are Hindu scriptures that with the aid of Gaja Lakshmi, Lord Indra recouped all of his lost wealth during Samundra Manthan. Hence, a partner with the grace of Gaja Lakshmi will protect and fetch the wealth and power in your life. She will be a lucky charm to attract royal-like opulence and glory into your life.

Zodiac sign who shall be looking Gaja Laxmi in their partner – Libra

Santana Lakshmi

Santana Lakshmi also regarded as the Goddess of Fertility & Progeny fills a home with eternal joy that comes from a healthy child. As a result, a partner with the generosity of Sanatana Lakshmi will color your life with joy & bliss in the form of healthier children born with good genes and long life. You will get to experience blissful parenthood together along with opportunities to perform the sacred duty of upbringing a child. Thus, when your partner has the benevolence of Santana Lakshmi, your home will be added with warmth, joy, and delight in the form of a healthy child.

Zodiac sign who shall be looking Santana Laxmi in their partner – Taurus and Capricorn

Veera Lakshmi

Veera Lakshmi is the manifestation of Valor & Bravery. Thus, a partner with the blessing of Veera Lakshmi will always be the pillar of strength & bravery for you whenever you are faced with a tumultuous phase in your life. She will always stay by your side with her unwavering support and undying accompaniment. She will be the source of motivation and persistence when life throws you ups & downs. Thus, you are blessed with a love partner who embodies the qualities of Veera Lakshmi if you ever have found that your beloved is the source of courage & patience to deal with life’s toughest battle.

Zodiac sign who shall be looking Vera Laxmi in their partner – Aries and Scorpio

Vidhya Lakshmi

Vidhya Lakshmi or knowledge Lakshmi bestows intellectual richness, sharp intelligence, and wisdom. In this sense, as a partner with the grace of Vidhya Lakshmi, you will witness your partner is intellectually enriched for whom learning new things and accumulating knowledge will always fascinate you. You are to understand you are blessed with a partner who is wise and intellectually rich and who can make life’s complex to complex problems as easiest as possible when she has the grace of Vidhya Lakshmi. She will be knowledgeable, humble, and respectful for whom knowledge is wealth & power than material riches.

Zodiac sign who shall be looking Vidhya Laxmi in their partner – Aquarius and Pisces

Vijaya Lakshmi

As the name anchor itself on how Vijaya Lakshmi (Victorious Lakshmi) will grant victories and triumphs in devotees’ life despite any sort of obstacles & challenges in life. Therefore, when Vijaya Lakshmi’s grace is bestowed upon your partner, she will be the inspiration to fight life’s hurdles with fearlessness and claim victory against them. A partner who embodies Vijaya Lakshmi will always keep your spirit alive and push you through those fears to overcome them. In any sort of tumultuous phase in life, your partner will stay by your side and encourage you to face them. You will have victories always by your side at the end with all your endeavors made through the journey to overcome impediments in life.

Zodiac sign who shall be looking Vijaya Laxmi in their partner – Leo

In conclusion, this Deepawali Tihar is not just about lighting the house around but the main focus should be on lighting within as well.

In addition, lighting the relationship you have with near and dear ones with deeper understanding, and sharing things & celebrating each others’ existence should be prioritized. It’s about expanding joy, not extinct joy thus this Tihar is all about chasing away the distances and discord from every sort of relationship you share with people around and most importantly the bond you share with your loved one.

It’s about opening up and celebrating “Life” together. And last but not least, Lakshmi isn’t to find outside but could be you are already blessed with Lakshmi in female forms in your life as your mother, sister, and even your love partner. Thus, cherishing the bond you have with the nearest and dearest to you should be one of the rituals to follow this Tihar while couldn’t be missed out on the bond you share with your loved one too.



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