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Mar 24, 2019

Vedic astrology can help to predict the past, present, and future of a person by analyzing the natal chart of an individual. So, what is a natal chart? It is a birth chart prepared with the information of a person’s birth to keep track of the planetary position during his/her birth.

There are 12 houses in a natal chart and depending upon the planetary positions and movements in those houses, Vedic astrology is able to determine and predict a person’s past, future and present. The 12 houses each signify a different aspect of a person’s life. Here is what each house signifies.

1st House- The ascendant/Lagna House
The 1stt house or better known as Lagna, is the house that defines anything that is related to self. This house is used to read the physical attributes, complexion, form, and shape of the individual. It also provides information as to the personality and characteristics of the person. When reading the natal chart, the first house can tell how a person looks like and what sort of nature s/he carries around.

2nd House- House of Wealth & material aspect
The 2nd house governs All the things that are associated with money and wealth. Your material wealth, fortune, profits, assets, properties, and securities are overlooked by this house. Whether you shall be financially strong or struggle to maintain financial stability can be found out from the analysis of the 2nd house.

3rd House- House of Communication, Courage and Siblings
Your ability to communicate with others determines how sociable of a person you are. The 3rd house is responsible to determine your communication skill in life. It also suggests how your relationship with your siblings, coworkers and classmates is likely to be. Furthermore, your confidence and courage to overcome the adversities that you face in your life are also observed in the 3rd house.

4th House- House of Family and infrastructure

Sitting at the base of the natal chart, the 4th house symbolizes home and family. The planetary position in this house can determine how the relationship with the individual maternal figures like mother or father is going to be like. The house also encourages us to invest our finances into personal infrastructures like vehicles or realtor properties.

5th House- House of progeny and learning

Most people once they are of age wish to raise a child of their own and the 5th house is what governs progeny. The native’s prospect of bearing an offspring and the gender of future offspring. The planetary placement in the house determines the learning capability of the individual whether it be academic education or spiritual wisdom.

6th House- House of rivals and illness

The 6th house is the overseer of all matters related to health and wellness. What ails you in your life from diseases, illness, stress to the injuries and health issues both mental and physical are analyzed by this house. The house also analyzes about the competitive side of your life which includes things like your rivals, how much challenging your life will be and how your rivals can cause issues in your life.

7th House- House of Love & Relationship

7th house stays away from anything that is materialistic and is more concerned with love and spiritual connection. It governs how your love life and your relationship with your partner is like. When we find love, marriage is what seals the deal to make things official that you and your partner are going to spend the rest of your life together and planetary position in the 7th house determines how your marriage will look like. The analysis of two individual’s natal chart helps to determine whether they are astrologically compatible to spend the rest of their life together or not.

8th House- House of longetivity and unfortunate occurance
Out of all 12 houses of the natal chart, 8th house is the one that is the most spooky as it deals with things like death, misfortunes and unfortunate occurences like accidents and injuries. It is natural that you meet your demise once you have lived your life in this earth and 8th house can identify the longetivity of your time on Earth.

9th House- House of Fate and Fortune

Some people are born lucky while others may not have the blessings of lady luck. The 9th house signifies your luck and fortune in life. The position of planets in this house will determine if you have the support of fate to achieve the things that you are pursuing or not. The house also helps to analyze long-distance travels which includes foreign travel as well.

10th House- House of Career and Success

Career achievements, ambition, and inspirations are all measured by the 10th house of the natal chart which is also the midheaven of the natal chart. Your social image, career success, aspirations, authority, and ambitions are all revealed by this house. Any changes in your profession whether it be minor or major will happen with the transition of planets in this house. This house can also help to determine whether a particular career choice is suitable for you or not.

11th House- House of Income and Gains

If the 2nd house is associated with wealth and financial success, the 11th house is associated with casual gains and income. Whether you shall earn a bunch of money or struggle to make your ends meet, can all be determined by the planetary position and influence in the 11th house. All things related to monetary gain and loss are explained by the house.

12th House- House of Expenses and Loss

Just as we earn money, we lose them as well. The 12th house of your chart defines how good you are with money and how you will handle it. Where will your money go? All of these things are determined in the 12th house of your chart. It deals with financial loss and expenses but also deals with sorrows and sins in general as well.


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