What astrology says on Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas relationship compatibility

The engagement between Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra and American singer and songwriter Nick Jonas has become a subject in the entrainment world. There has been mixed opinions and perceptions of the public on the unlikely relationship between the duos. While, some are seen mocking around their age gap, others believe it would be interesting to see whether they enjoy high love relationship compatibility or not.

But, the relationship compatibility is largely based on astrology, so we (astrologers at astropodmatch.com) here present some events and details to find what exactly astrology and planetary position have to say on their relationship.

The age gap isn’t a problem for the duo: They will have perfect love compatibility value

Astrologers believe that the age gap is not a problem for the duos. After a careful analysis of Nick’s natal chart, they suggested that he is more attracted to women with an age greater than himself. This is because 7th house lord Venus is aspected by Saturn in D9 chart and 7th house’s lord Saturn is occupying in 7th house in its own sign Makar (Capricorn) itself in his natal chart.
While, other the other hand, Priyanka Chopra is found satisfied and enjoying her time with Nick. She is currently under the time (dasha) of love planet Venus (Siddha).

They are match made in heaven, represents non-separable Earth and Water.

Astrologers believe they are the match made in heaven. They are like Earth (Nick) and Water (Priyanka) which are non-separable and long-lasting, as water wets the soil, their bond together is inseparable. It has been predicted that their love life will be at it peak of pleasure till 2020.
Changes in behaviour and mental status may alter relationship compatibility; Astrologers recommend yoga and exercise as the remedy.
Although, the astrological position of the moon along with other planets suggests stronger bonding between Priyanka and Nick. There may arise some disturbances and hindrances in their predicted long-run relationship compatibility.
These disturbances are expected to be raised by planet Saturn which is occupying the 7th house in Nick’s natal chart. While, from July 2020, Priyanka will face problems in her love life despite the time being right to increase her wealth and have some excellent opportunities as Rahu is in an elevated position in the second house of the natal chart, along with Mercury and Venus. Astrologers recommend that she should be more careful during August 2023 to July 2024 because this will be the high time she might come across some bigger problem in her relationship with Nick. During August 2025 to last months of 2026, she is likely to face the changes for divorce with Nick Jonas. However, if she could fight with these problems and do not separate till July 2028, then we would say she will live happily after that for more extended time.
Therefore, we recommend them to be patient and continue fruitful communication with each other. This could be achieved by regular Yoga, meditation, and exercise.

Astrological positions of planet favour high sex drive, relationship compatibility

The debilitated position of Saturn and Venus (the love planet) in 7th house of Nick’s natal chart suggests his high sex drive. It looks like he could make his partner happy on the bed and fulfill his partner’s sexual needs. Moreover, Priyanka’s sex drive perfectly matches with Nick desire, therefore, we could say their relations with go long last provided that they remain careful during after July 2020.

However, Nick’s high sex drive could ruin his loyalty to Priyanka, and he may search for a different taste in her sex life. His sensitive and cooperative nature (due to the moon’s position in the first house) complements with his assertive and commanding character (due to the sun’s position in his second house).