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Blackpink Members Zodiac Signs: Understanding Their True Selves

Jan 24, 2023

K-pop idol groups often have a  leader in that group so that the leader can sustain uniformity among different members living together in the dorm or their apartment or their performances.  But Blackpink has always been unique on its own in that they don’t even have leaders among them. They just match up with vibes, co-ordinates well, well-informed of their parts whereas assisting each other in certain aspects. It is these 3 S’s of ‘synergy’, ‘sisterly bond’, and ‘synchronicity’ in delivering the outstanding stage performance blended with the impeccable talent of each member for their music & performance that makes BlackPink (BLΛƆKPIИK) the top tier group for whom whole world is crazy.  Yes, four of the BlackPink members click naturally and synergy can be felt when they have their stage performance which applies to their team performance during their trainee era as well but what’s their zodiac sign have to add about their distinctive personality and truer selves based on their zodiac sign.

Jennie Kim – Capricorn

Jennie being born with Capricorn as her zodiac sign entails she can go to any lengths of walks to sculpt herself the best! The Top is what she always aim for and this ambitious quest rule over her. Thus, no wonder, even before Blackpink made their official debut, Jennie already had garnered attention from people as she was featured in her sunbaenim (Senior) G -dragon’s song “Black” and got to share the stage with him. These traits of her endless endeavors to sculpt herself best and aiming for a top attitude could be the reflection she was acknowledged with the opportunity to share the same stage with G-dragon who is revered as the king of k-pop. Being Capricorn she carries a practical and organized outlook to the work she partakes in. Consequently, she is keen on keeping things simple yet making things appear sophisticated and this is visible in the expression of her fashion style. Her airport fashion, on-stage performances, and interview looks have that simple yet aesthetic and sophisticated touch to her fashion expression.

Jisoo – Capricorn

Jennie and Jisoo share the same zodiac sign. Thus, no wonder they share such an unbreakable friendship as there are so many common things in each other that make things easier for them to gel up effortlessly. Jisson being born with a sign of perseverance Capricorn implies she never backs off from doing work once she aspires to something that resonates with their inner core. Thus, it makes sense,  Jisoo, in her trainee days, despite having no prior singing and dancing experience when she was recruited as a trainee of YG Entertainment but the way she is now one of the eye stealer performers of Blackpink defines she has fought for the position she is at today resembling her perseverance attitude toward life. Caps’ tenacity is unbeatable & commendable and Jisoo does own it.

Rose – Aquarius

Rose, the Main vocalist of the group is born under the humanitarian sign Aquarius is the softest and most innocent in her heart which we can relate through episodes of 3-2 of BLACKPINK HOUSE  as well where when she heard the sad news from her mother updating something sad happening to their pet fish she immediately breakdown in tears. This does reflect her caring and humanitarian heart. Furthermore, Rose’s zodiac sign Aquarius is ruled by Saturn-the significator of persistence makes Rose a never giving up attitude lady. And Aquarians always wants to live an inspiring life and appreciates inspiration from other as well which is why too during the trainee days of Rose, she had her struggles with dancing aspect but the way Lisa danced, inspired her to dance like her. And no wonder with her persistence, not only does she has such a golden voice but she is the Lead Dancer of the group as well. Persistency would be truly the key characteristic of Rose but can’t be missed out to mention she is the purest soul as well.

Lisa Manobal – Aries

Lisa is the maknae (youngest of the group members) of the BlackPink who is born with the Aries zodiac sign, she is of bright personality and loves to spread the brightness around. Aries is active and passionate as Mars-planet of passion & enthusiasm rules her zodiac sign. Thus, Lisa endows with vibrant &  enthusiastic nature and she is always active and passionate about what she does. No wonder, her unbridled and mesmerizing passion & enthusiasm is exuded in her every dance stage as if she has mastered it. And it makes sense why Lisa is revered as a “Dancing Machine” by many other K-pop idols, and even members acknowledge her abilities to learn choreography and praise her for her jaw-dropping dance skill. Furthermore, boldness and confidence are like the crown of Aries. And anyone can see Lisa wearing that crown of confidence and fearlessness when she is on stage. Aries is ruled by the passionate planet Mars makes her energetic, and full of life it would be fair to call she is the happy Virus. Aries can have a confident exterior but they have cute, funny, and naughty inner selves too which is why no wonder on stage she may at times pull off that savage impression but in real life, she can be a lot naughtier yet loving. Lisa as Aries is a natural leader and good at mentoring as well thus no wonder she displayed exceptional mentoring to the participants in the “Youth with you” Chinese Reality Show where she might at times appear as a tough mentor but she was always detailed and to the point while mentoring. Nonetheless, with Aries as Lisa’s zodiac sign, she is synonymous with a ‘HAPPY VIRUS’.



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