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Sep 18, 2022

Mercury is moonwalking at this time around but not so joyous I am finding it to watch Mercury doing this moonwalk. Would have been delighted to watch Michael Jackson’s moonwalking but not this Mercury’s, God! Everyone, this Mercury retrograde is the third retrograde cycle of this year whereas in a year, three to four times, Mercury moonwalks. And at this time around, we are being hit with the third retrogressive wave of Mercury which had begun on 9th September 2022 and will sustain till the 2nd of October this year. Mercury has embarked on a retrograde journey on the sign of perfectionism Virgo this time around. Truly, I  would have disqualified Mercury if I could for its moonwalk as it’s turning not so pleasing for me. Let’s find out how favorable Mercury retrograde is playing out for all of you:


Dear Aries, most of the time, you are in action-oriented mode but under the influence of Mercury retrogression, you would want to be more in an introspection state than impulse. Seems like retrograde Mercury will cluster misunderstanding as your intent and meaning will be misread by the people near and dear to you. As a result, Aries, confidence won’t work but calm will else chaos and conflicts are what easily you are vulnerable.


Taurus, the disruption would be the key to defining the impact of Mercury retrogression in your life. Taurian, though you seek solace in stability however retrograde Mercury will push you to the zone of instability. Have lower expectations for your plans to go as per your schedule, it will hurt you the least as this Mercury retrogression won’t’ show mercy but is going to surprise you with sudden errands to make or an emergency showing up out of nowhere disrupting the flow of your life. Flexibility will save your mental peace and emotional well-being.


Gemini folks, vistas of opportunities will make their flood toward you but in an overwhelming manner. Despite floods of opportunities, it will be challenging to seize all of those opportunities. Unfortunately, not all, but the majority of those opportunities could go disseized which could upset you. Geminian, those opportunities are there with a purpose to give experiences which at later times will connect all its dots. Thus, for now, don’t feel upset when opportunities are missed but try to grab the experiences those opportunities have to add to your life. If any Geminian had already been in a relationship, your former partner might show up which is why have you gone through contemplation as to either let your ex in or shut the door. 


Mercury retrograde could make you dwell in more of a comfort zone which is why you will need to push yourself to not be glued to it. Having farsightedness than instant gratification will save you from the illusive reward Mercury retrograde projecting. Cancerian, let not impulse & emotions govern your decision-making but rationality. Hearing more to your head than your heart will align your path to true well-being in the long term.


Barriers to effective communication are what this ongoing mercury retrograde is posing for you. You will experience technical glitches and communication chaos. Double and if necessary, the triple check should be done to review and recheck all your messages and emails before hitting that send. Leon, do make sure you are clear in what you are uttering with your loved one, or else it can lead to unnecessary misunderstanding.


Despite you have mastery at finding minor faults easily but things have changed now with this Mercury retrograde. Till Mercury in its backward spin, it can put your perfectionism image at stake as many faults will go unnoticed right under your nose. The loopholes that remained unnoticed can degrade the quality of outcome for the efforts you will be putting at it be work, relationship, money, or any other aspect of life. Virgo, re-checking to confirm if every fault is left undetected will aid you’re bringing flawlessness in life.


An imbalance will leave you quite stressed out. The disharmony in thoughts will get reflected outside with indecision, procrastination, and stagnation. Regrogessive waves can create storms inside the mind which is why the best remedy would be to remain vigilant to your mind chattering so that you can surf on the waves and not be swayed by them.


Mercury Retrograde can inflate your anger which is why it’s a conducive period to channel your anger into constructive areas. Mercury retrograde can induce you to act out or lash out. Nonetheless, for Scorpions, it will be far more effective to practice mindfulness and let wrath be turned into wonderful outcomes. Scorpion, mindfulness is the way to turn this retrograde Mercury in your favor.


Mercury retrograde can snatch that lively spirit of yours which is why don’t let this retrograde Mercury be a winner on this. Protect that bright smiles you always carry on. Having said that, cries are not the opposite of smiles too. Many times, cries are releasement of toxicity so that you let that inner space be reserved for aliveness, freedom, and spirit only. Sags, talk your feelings and thoughts with a closed. And don’t hold back when you want to cry. Having meaningful conversations with near & dear ones will aid you to protect that lively spirit of yours.


Cap, this Mercury retrograde energy into the Virgo sign will test your flexibility. Self-discipline & perseverance is already in there but they will still be lacking if you aren’t fluid enough to introduce new technologies, methodologies, and thinking pattern to the work you are doing. Treat your relationship with a fresher perspective else the relationship will start feeling routine and dull. Nourish your closer connection with people with renewal, wider and freshers perspectives, you will outlaw the unfavorable influences from Mercury retrograde.


Sadism can easily seize you which is why remain “YOU”. I mean, remain you-the original one with thinking outside of the box.  Retrograde Mercury can push you into limiting thought patterns but don’t fall prey to it. Don’t confine yourself in a box. Challenge yourself to live authentically that makes sense to you, not others. Just remain you, Aquarius, do not let outside pressure and voice change who you are. Protect your originality!


Time to cleanse and recycle old memories which no longer serve your well-being as Mercury retrograde will flash back all those suppressed wounded and hurtful memories. Don’t panic but let it utilize as an opportunity to detoxify yourself so that there is space for something better to grow. It’s time for rebirth to renewal, rejuvenated, and rejoiced self! Meditations and Meaningful Self-talk can be the tool along this journey to recycle and re-birth!



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