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Zodiac Sign & Personality of Each BTS Member

Jul 5, 2019

The talk of the town who has gathered all the attention in recent years is the Korean Pop band BTS. Boy bands have always been popular, but BTS is one of the few boy bands outside of North America and Europe to grab a massive following. And, why wouldn’t they? They are a group of talented and good looking boys who can sing, dance Nsync (in sync, Get it?) and look pretty doing all of it together. No wonder the world is going crazy over them.

BTS does have a large number of loyal fans and followers. So, there may be more than a few fans who would like to know what the zodiac sign of each of their favorite members of BTS maybe. Let us go into details about the zodiac sign of each member. Two of the members have the same zodiac sign, can you guess who? Find out at the end of the article If you Guessed Correctly or not.

Zodiac Sign Of BTS

V – Kim Taehyung

Kim Taehyung who goes by the stage name V and is one of the most cheerful members of the group. V or Taehyung was born on December 30, 1995, which makes him a Capricorn. Capricorns are extremely dedicated to their craft which makes them very good at what they do. V is also very good at his craft which must be due to his dedication to his work.

He is a bit of an eccentric and has a carefree attitude. But underneath all that carefree attitude is a Capricorn who is ready to give in his best effort for the group. His strange habits have become his charm which others have grown to love with time.

Jungkook- Jeon Jungkook

The Youngest member of the band, Jeon Jungkook was born on September 1, 1997, and is a Virgo. Virgos are analytical and perfectionist. They do not like things to get messy and prefer to do things neat and clean. His Virgo quality is the reason that his fashion sense always looks well co-ordinated.

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He is shy and introverted but that is only in the crowd. However, his Hyungs from BTS have said that he is more open and talkative around them. Despite having a shy personality, he always looks to have his stuff together which may be due to his analytical personality. He is said to be more mature than some of the members in BTS, namely Taehyung (V).

Jimin – Park Jimin

Often called out to be the kindest member of the band, Park Jimin born on October 13, 1995, is a Libra. Represented by the weighing scales, Libra is the sign that signifies harmony and balance. Jimin can be called the weighing scales of the group as well. Other members of BTS have mentioned Jimin’s support in their difficult times. He is the go-to whenever they are stressed by anything.

Jimin is said to be very supportive and listens to others’ problems, and always makes sure that everyone is doing well in the group. He is not afraid to show affection to others and is liked very much by other BTS member due to his personality. Jimin can truly balance professional and friendly relation within the group.

Suga – Min Yoongi

Suga or Min Yoongi was born on March 9, 1993, and has Pisces zodiac sign. Music and artistic creativity are what a Pisces excels at. Being a member of one of the hottest boy bands, literally, there is no doubt about his talent in music and artistic creativity. As a Pisces, Suga is likely to be sensitive to emotions.

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His bandmates have told that he rarely shows affection but that he does truly deeply care for them. It just shows that Suga is a Pisces through and through who just isn’t as used to expressing himself to others. Suga is also said to be very passionate about music which fits right in with the Pisces personality.

Jin – Kim Seokjin

Jin (Kim Seokjin) was born on December 4, 1992, and is a Sagittarius by birth. Saggitarius is a real pleasure to hang around with as they do love to live freely. It may be due to this personality, Jin’s personal motto is to live positively no matter the situation.

Despite being the oldest of the group, he is said to act like the youngest according to other BTS members. It just shows that he really lives life the way that he wants without troubling anyone else in the way. Jin is often said to try and lighten the mood with dad jokes and has become beloved by others for trying to always keep a light mood.

J-Hope – Jung Hoseok

Born on February 18, 1994, J-Hope (Jung Hoseok) is an Aquarius. One of the best qualities of Aquarius is to be able to read the mood of others. Jung has been praised before for setting the mood of the group on many occasions. Aquarius is known to be good visionaries, and Jung seems to possess this skill very much so.

His visionary skills may be the reason why he is the choreography leader. Jung is also like a big ball of energy which never seems to run out when it comes to supporting his friends or entertaining his fans.

RM – Kim Namjoon

And now, last but not the least, RM (Kim Namjoon0. He was born on September 12, 1994, which makes his zodiac sign a Virgo. As we mentioned before, there are two members who share the same zodiac sign. It is RM and Jungkook with both of them being Virgo and celebrating their birthdays in the same month.

RM is very critical which is another strong feature of a Virgo. But, he seems to be self-critical. He tends to reflect more upon his actions and behavior which may be why he has continued to grow from the start of the formation of the group. He is also very intelligent and analytical, with a history of being a model student and learning English by watching English Sitcoms.


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