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How Quick Every Zodiac Sign is to Fall in Love

Nov 14, 2019

The act of falling in love is beautiful. Not every relationship that we are involved in ends up having a happy ending. After all, we are not all lucky to find our soulmate on our very first attempt. We fall in and out of love, we take chances with each relationship. When a relationship ends, the heartbreak can leave us broken, but we do not stop loving. The act of falling in love is a beautiful one despite the fear that not all our relationships may result in us finding happiness in life.

When it comes to love, everybody has their own pace of doing things. Some fall in love easily and others take a lot of time, consideration and courage to do so. Not everyone is open to love and it may differ from each person with the past experience they have been through. While everybody’s view of love may be different, astrology determines that each zodiac sign have their own time duration they take to fall in love. Here is how quickly each zodiac sign is to fall in love.


A passionate zodiac sign, that is not hesitant to take action. When they find a person that they like, they will take the initiative. The excitement of falling in love is an opportunity that they refuse to pass up. Aries is the zodiac sign which is quick to fall in love. Once they find the person that they are interested in, they will pursue them with a strong determination and focus. They do not think priorly about the compatibility and things like that. It is the reason that they are fast to fall in love.


The bull is a sign of stability and loyalty. They are attracted by capable people who are strong and stable just like them. To them, love and relationship is not something that you take easy or for granted. Taurus once committed will give their all for their partner, so they want someone who can put some effort to try and win their affection. Ruled by Venus, they are a romantic and thoughtful person. It takes Taurus quite a while to fall in love which is understandable because they are in it for the long haul. They stay in a relationship looking for someone to settle down with.


It may come as a surprise to many, but Gemini does not fall in love easily. They are social creature and their aloof nature makes many think that they will be quick to fall in love. However, that is not the case. Gemini plays its field and explores the options with dating. Just because they are open to going on a date does not mean that they are open to fall in love as well. Everyone should know that Gemini gets bored easily which they are aware of as well. Only after being interested in the same person even after months have past will they slowly realize they have fallen in love.


Cancer has a lot of love to give to the world. They are a sensitive bunch and are quite shy as well. They take time to open up to others, but once they find someone they are comfortable with, they fall in love easily. It is hard to get the Crab to be comfortable around new people and it will definitely take time for them to be comfortable enough to open to another person. But, once they have formed an emotional connection, they fall in love quite easily. Once an emotional bond has been formed, they will not let go of the person.


Just like Aries, Leo is also a fire sign and quite the passionate zodiac sign as well. Leo is similar to Aries in more ways as they are also quite fast to fall in love. Unlike Aries, they do not fade out of a relationship easily. They tend to stick to the person that they have chosen and will not let go of them unless given a reason to. Falling in love too fast can end up in Leo getting hurt more than they would have expected as well. Leo is full of themselves and someone who can feed on their ego can make them easily fall for them.


Falling in love is not the first priority of a Virgo. Career and being productive is what grinds the gear of a Virgo. They have a high standard for themselves as well as others and it is hard to meet their criteria. Getting things done perfectly or as close to perfection as possible is what Virgo strives for. Virgo likes to take time with things to assure that everything goes right. You cannot force a Virgo to fall in love and make them like you by doing anything. It is only with time that a Virgo will fall in love and they will take a lot of it.


Libra can fall pretty fast in love provided that they find the right person. It is not shocking to see a Libra fall in love because they are a romantic at heart as a sign ruled by Venus. Libras are very sociable and one that interacts with people more often. A person who has got their life in balance and has the charm and grace to go along with can make a Libra fall in love instantly. Libras are open to give their all in pursuit of love and relationship if the person they are interested in is willing to do the same as well.


Passion runs deep in the veins of the Scorpio. They tend to give their all to the things that they have the burning passion for which also includes love and relationship. However, a Scorpio never makes its intention clear in just a few meetings. Their feelings can remain a mystery until and unless they wish to let others know. Gaining the trust of Scorpio is a slow process and until you are unable to gain their trust, you are unable to make them fall in love. Scorpio loves intensely, but it will take much more than just a few meetings to get them to trust you and eventually fall in love with you.


The sign which is always in search of adventure, Sagittarius does not like to be tied down by the obligations of a relationship. Sagittarius is happy to be alone and would rather be chasing a new adventure instead of love. They want freedom, and for them, a relationship can only get in the way of their freedom. Getting into a relationship is not a rush for them. They have to find a person who does not hold them down and can give them complete freedom of what they want to do. Finding out whether the person they are interested in is able to give them the freedom of their desire is a must for them even if it takes a lot of time.


Capricorn is another one of the zodiacs that do not take a relationship lightly. When it comes to falling in love, they prefer someone who is responsible and can act more like an adult. Due to this reason, most of the time, the Capricorn finds itself falling for an older person. They are never willy nilly in a relationship. For them to love a person, they have to show their worth. If a person is not worthy of their love, they do not pursue the prospect of a relationship. The goat falls in love very slow because they have to make sure that the other person is worth it.


Easily socializing with others is one of the strongest personality suits of an Aquarius. With their sociable traits, you would be easily tricked into thinking that Aquarius falls in love quickly. That is not the case, however. Aquarius is one of the zodiac signs that fall in love quite slow. Individuals who are not afraid to be themselves and show a unique personality can intrigue an Aquarius. Rather than fall in love with a stranger, they prefer to take it steady and be friends with someone before developing feelings for them.


Falling in love comes easily to Pisces. They are an emotional zodiac sign and are in love with the idea of falling in love. If someone shows them emotional caring and slight sensitivity, they will fall pretty easily for them. They are often the sign to fall in love quickly but are more likely to get deceived and hurt more often as a result as well. When the slightest chance of love comes knocking on their door, they are not hesitant to open the door. A strong emotional connection with their partner can make them stay in a relationship forever.

Everyone has their own pace of doing things. You cannot force someone to fall in love with you just because you are interested in them. Depending on who you, you may take your time or take no time at all to fall in love. This is just a general idea of how likely quick each zodiac sign is to fall in love.


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