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Mars in Every Zodiac sign- What it means

Aug 23, 2019

Mars is the planet which is known for its containment of energy in astrology. It is the reason why Mars is associated with the ability to take actions both physical and mental. Your competitive spirit, as well as your courage to take on challenges head-on, is all decided by the placement of Mars in your chart.

While the right amount of Mars energy can be constructive, too much of it can also be destructive. Martian energy is also responsible for making you act upon your plans and ideas. Depending on the zodiac sign Mars is placed on the natal chart, its energy can enhance the personal traits of the native for better or worse.

Mars in Aries

Straight forward and always willing to take action is the best way to describe an Aries. It is the sign that is known to possess a straight forward nature as they tend to not hide their feelings. Enthusiastic and optimistic, Aries is always ready to tackle any challenges that come to their life head-on. Aries’ can be quite the impulsive type and easily take a course of action which they will come to regret later on.

Mars is the ruler of Aries itself and having the planet reside in its own sign is always strongly favorable. In this placement, Mars provides an abundance of energy to the individual making them adventurous. Martian energy makes them act upon their ideas and creativity as such, these individuals turn out to be original in the things that they do. This placement provides a lot of energy to the native as such, they often tend to be impatient and reckless as well.

Mars in Taurus

The second sign of the zodiac, Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus. Both Venus and Mars are in neutral relationship to one another. Taureans usually have got a fixed mindset as such can be quite stubborn. However, they are also very loyal and are quite patient people. Down to earth and realistic in nature, Taurus would much rather lead an ordinary life with security and stability rather than an extraordinary life with uncertainty.

Mars placed in Taurus provides natives who have such placement with precision and focus. The highly active martian energy mixed with the fixed mindset of Taurus is the reason that these individuals turn out to have strong determination. Luxury meets comfort is the lifestyle that these natives try to live by. Mars energy is controlled by Taurus as such these individual are thoughtful and try to learn from their mistakes.

Mars in Gemini

Gemini is an air sign ruled by Mercury. It is the sign that makes moves based on their desire above all else. They get bored easily as such possess a pretty fickle mindset. They need a lot of stimulation to escape boredom which is why they usually have a diverse interest. Staying focused on a single for a long period of time is quite the challenge. Their quick information gathering capability helps them to perform well in short projects but longer projects are a real struggle for them.

The ruling planet of Gemini; Mercury and Mars are inimical towards one another. Mars’ energy combined with the diverse attention brought out by Gemini makes native with such placement to be active and involved in various fields. They are intelligent and quick learners who become skilled in various crafts. Due to the inimical relationship shared between Mercury and Mars, it can result in such individuals to have nervous energy. Stress and mental fatigue is big trouble for them.

Mars in Cancer

Cancer is a water sign and it is ruled by Moon. With Moon sharing a friendly relationship with Mars, the placement of Mars in Cancer is a good one for the native. Though in touch with their emotional side, they prioritize physical energy more. Just because they prioritize physical energy more does not mean that they lack mental strength. On the contrary, Moon that represents mind strengthened by Mars’ energy makes these individual have a strong mentality.

Most people with a lot of energy tend to be assertive but that is not the case for these people. They prefer to take in the opinions of others and compromise rather than force their decision on others. Natives with this placement are ambitious and spare no effort to achieve it. Overflowing with both emotional and physical energy, they are a passionate lover.

Mars in Leo

Leo is a fire sign ruled by Sun. Mars and Sun are friendly to one another and provide a lot of fiery energy to the native with the placement. Sun’s character provides the person with the confidence to take the center stage while Mars further enhances it. They are aware of their strength and weakness as such try to play around their strengths. Natives with this placement learn from their mistakes and continue to better themselves.

With the influence of both Mars and Sun, these individual do not lack in energy. People with this placement are enthusiastic which is visible physically. They can work up the crowd and possess natural leadership quality. A sense of pride born from strong confidence is common for such natives. However, excess confidence can also cause their downfall.

Mars in Virgo

Virgo is an earth sign ruled by the planet Mercury. Mars and Mercury share an inimical relationship with one another and they tend to cancel out the effect of one another. Usually, Mars’ influence would provide a lot of energy and assertiveness but it is tamed down in this placement due to the influence of Mercury. Instead of a commanding nature, such individual has a tactful disposition that does not tread on other’s boundaries. The native becomes careful about making a decision so much that they can get delayed to take action at times.

Virgo is the sign that influences analytics and organization. When Mars comes in contact with the sign, the native may lack in creativity and innovation but their observation and analytical skills are enhanced by leaps. Due to the influence of Mars, the native can have less patience and tolerance level making them more argumentative and can generally affect their life in a negative way.

Mars in Libra

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus and is of the air element. The relationship shared between Mars and Venus is a neutral one. Both these planets can bring out the best qualities to bring a balanced personality of the native. Elegance and grace is something that is brought out by Libra which is enhanced by the energy of Mars. It makes people with such placement charming and the crowd’s favorite. They are able to persuade others quite easily due to the charm that they possess.

The native possessing Mars in Libra are quite the romantics. Emotional satisfaction is prioritized more than sexual satisfaction for the natives possessing Mars in Libra. They prefer building bridges over burning them and as such reason has got more friends than foes. Money for them is a means that provides the luxuries and comfort of life as such they are not afraid to spend a little more than necessary.

Mars in Scorpio

Mars is the lord of the Scorpio and feels right at home in this sign. Naturally, when a planet is positioned in its own sign, it brings out the best results. People with Mars in Scorpio have are ambitious and possess a tremendous amount of discipline. They try to avoid asking help from others as much as possible and depend on their own effort above anyone else. Their avoidance to depend on others can make them secretive as well and have less trust in others as well.

The natives born with Mars in Scorpio are willing to go the distance for their friends and loved ones. They make a loyal friend but the worst enemy because of how well they know to hold their grudges. These individuals are cautious most of the time and try to leave small to no room for error. Despite their cautious personality, they do make a quick decision based on instincts as well which backfires on them most of the time.

Mars in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter. Mars and Jupiter share a friendly relationship with one another and brings positive quality in the native. Mars influences the individual to act on the knowledge and creativity brought out by Jupiter. The people with this placement are outspoken and make valid points in an argument making it difficult to win an argument with such people. It is due to this, they highly value their own opinion over everyone else’s.

The native with this placement ten to be extroverted and outdoorsy. Monotony kills their drive which is why they like to take up new challenges and adventures. They are intrigued by religion and spirituality as such can have exceptional knowledge in those matters. Communication is one of their strongest suits and since they are good at explaining things to others, they make good teachers.

Mars in Capricorn

Capricorn is an earth sign ruled by the planet Saturn. Though Saturn and Mars share an inimical relationship with one another, Mars is exalted in Capricorn helps to cancel out the inimical energy. People with this placement often struggle to channelize the energy provided by Mars due to Saturn’s influence. They tend to have a reserved nature. Any effort that they make is not rewarded immediately as Saturn is the planet that brings out a delayed result.

Natives with this placement are intelligent in every other aspect of life except for emotion. Their lack of emotional intelligence can create issues in their relationship and create distance from their loved ones. While they lack in building relationships, they excel in building career. They have a clear head of what they want in life which is luxury and comfort. Such individuals are highly ambitious and determined to achieve their goals in life.

Mars in Aquarius

Aquarius is an air sign ruled by Saturn. As mentioned before, Mars and Saturn share an inimical relationship with one another. However, Aquarius is a hospitable sign as such the inimical relationship does not create many issues here. People born with such placement are intelligent and more calculative and logical. These people rarely lose debate and arguments as they always bring the valid point in the discussion. They are often progressive people with a broad-mindset that adapts with new changes.

Mars in Aquarius brings out a curious mindset that is not afraid to take actions to see how things work. They gain experience through trials and errors. Aquarius brings out the compassion of a person and with the addition of Mars, they are likely to act upon it. These individuals are a mature and dependable person who is very loyal to their loved ones. Their loyal nature makes them a worthy life partner because you would not have to worry about them cheating on you.

Mars in Pisces

Pisces is a water sign that is ruled by the benevolent planet Jupiter and as such shares a friendly relationship with Mars. Jupiter is a provider of knowledge and people with Mars placement in Pisces are concerned with spirituality. These individuals hold a strong religious belief and are concerned with moral choices and conduct. Due to their desire of doing the right thing, they can at times find themselves having to make tough decisions in life.

Natives with Mars in Pisces are often active when it comes to matters of the heart. They are not afraid to express their feelings for others and are receptive of other’s feelings towards them. Idealistic about love and relationship, they remain optimistic about the relationship. They truly find happiness in love and as such can be hit hard when the relationship comes to an end.


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