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Feb 22, 2019

Health and happiness go hand in hand, and people have grown to become more conscious about maintaining their physical and mental health. We take great measures like going to therapy and gym to keep our health in check. But, rather than spend your time and money on expensive therapies and gym membership, there is a simple and better way to maintain your health and that is through the practice of Yoga.

You do not have to go through the hassle of trying to find a gym that’s near you or find ways to relieve your stress. All you need is a space the length of your body and you are good to go. Try to perform these yoga activities daily, and you shall find yourself in a better state of mental and physical health.


Ruled by the planet Mars and of the fire element, Aries people are active and filled with enthusiasm and energy. for the energetic Aries who are strong and steady, the warrior pose yoga seems to be the one most suitable. There are variations of this pose such as warrior I, II, III, and reverse warrior. This yoga pose helps in building stamina and helps to connect with your inner strength. This is the most suitable pose for the warrior that is an Aries.

Warrior Pose
Source: Unsplash


Keeping a firm foot on the ground is difficult to do as you can easily get confused about your choices but Taurus always manage to hold strong to their conviction and stay rooted. Always shouldering the burdens despite the difficulty is the hardship that a Taurus goes through. Heart-opening yoga poses like bound angle pose, sphinx pose, cow pose, and bow pose are useful to reduce the back pain and shoulder tightness which will help to improve your spirits.

Bound Angle
Source: Pixabay


Not many things hold the attention of a Gemini for a long period of time and it is due to their mind being flooded by curiosity or various planning. Geminis are the sign that is likely to get stressed easily and suffer from depression and anxiety. Cobra pose looks to be the ideal position for the Gemini. This position is helpful in treating stress, fatigue, and headaches. Getting flexible enough to do a king cobra pose may prove to be quite challenging.

Cobra Pose
Source: Unsplash


Cancer finds comfort and safety in things that they are familiar with and do not like it when things are out of the ordinary. Not the most explorative of the zodiac, Cancer will be more comfortable in a forward fold pose. It is a pose that shows self-love and compassion all the while helping to relieve the tension from the spine, neck, and back.

Forward Fold
Source: Pixabay


Leos are gifted physically and are strong individuals. However, they do prefer to be at the center of the stage and tend to show-off as well. Just like the animal that represents this zodiac sign, Lion pose is the most suitable yoga pose for a Leo. Depending on your thought process, this is a really incredible pose or one that is absolutely ridiculous. But, no matter what there is no denying that it is only helpful to you as it relieves tension in your face and chest all the while strengthening your lungs, throat, and voice.


For the observant and analytical Virgo who needs to know how things are unfolding, boat pose looks to be the way to maintain a healthy mind and body. This pose helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles, improve balance and digestion and strengthen the hamstrings, spine and hip flexor. Known to be useful in stress relief as well as boosting confidence, this is an ideal pose for a Virgo to practice.

Boat pose


For the elegant, and graceful Libra who always strives to find balance in life, practicing the dancer’s pose is the way to go. Trying to balance your body on one leg can certainly be challenging but a little challenge is always worth the benefit. The pose can be a great reminder to the Libra to maintain grace and poise while facing a challenge.

Dancer’s pose
Source: Unsplash


Passion runs deep in Scorpio but they do not show their passion as others would. They have pent-up emotions due to their reluctance to open up about it and such emotions are stored in the hip region. The second chakra or energy center is located in the hip region and is the reason that our energy level gets messed when we are stressed. King pigeon pose is a hip-opening act of yoga which helps to stretch the entire lower body and definitely something that a Scorpio must practice. This pose helps to remove the body of anxiety and tension.

Pigeon Pose
Source: Unsplash


Living free is what a Sagittarius chases after and that includes going on thrilling adventures. Therefore it is necessary that a Sagittarius maintain their physical body. Anjaneyasana (low lunges) help to stretch out quadriceps, hamstrings, groin and hips and overall lower body which is perfect for athletes or some thrill-seeking adventurer like Sagittarius.

Source: Unsplash


Ambitious and hardworking, Capricorn immerses in their work to go one step closer to their dreams of fame and fortune. Overloaded with work, Capricorn often suffers from back troubles and their body starts to hunch as time goes on. Taking a short time to strike a mountain pose can help to improve the posture of the goat. This pose also helps to relieve tension, aches, and pains throughout the body keeping Capricorn’s head clear to continue chasing the dream.

astropod capricorn yoga pose


The unity of mind, body, and soul is what everybody strives for and it is even more so in the case of an Aquarius. The eagle pose is one that is able to help achieve this feat. It helps to release the stress from various parts of your body which includes ankles, hips, wrists, shoulders, and sacrum making you feel light as a feather. It helps to maintain a balance in both your mind and body.

Eagle Pose
Source: Pixabay


Emotional and artistic, Pisces love to make art whether it be with their body or mind. Any yoga pose that is related to inversions like headstand, forearm stand, and handstand is suitable for the Pisces. These positions provide an upside-down view of the world reminding the Pisces to always look at things in a different perspective which will help to enhance their artistic ability. The blood rushing to the brain shall also help to calm and rejuvenate the mind.

Source: Unsplash

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