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Impress Each Zodiac Sign by Avoiding These Things

Apr 15, 2019

We all have been in the shoes where we want to impress somebody. Whether it be somebody from work or someone that you like, you try to find things about the other person to impress them. If you have ever been in the situation then you know how difficult it is to find what the other person likes. Rather than trying to impress by doing something they like, how about avoiding things that the person hates. Here are a few things that each zodiac sign hates, avoiding which may help you to form a better relationship with the person.

Things to Avoid and Impress Each Zodiac Sign


Aries is active and enthusiastic who gets things done. They are not the hesitant type, once they have made up a mind about something they go ahead and just do it. So, when it comes to indecisiveness or things taking a long time, Aries get very frustrated. Aries is a bit impatient and do not like doing things slowly. If you are trying to impress an Aries, then you cannot be indecisive, you should always get things done on time and not make them wait for a long duration. Being honest with Aries would impress them.


Contrast to the first zodiac sign, Taurus is just the opposite. Where Aries would like to get things done fast, Taurus has its own set rhythm and pace to get things done. Getting rushed is what a Taurus hates the most. A Taurus is comfortable with his/her own skin and knows their own tastes and preferences. If you think that you can push a Taurus to get things done, you may just find yourself to be a target of their whiplash. Let them do their work on their own time, you can always be supportive without edging them on.


Boredom strikes on everybody’s life whether we like it or not and who hates boredom the most? It is a Gemini. Boredom starts to set in when you start to follow a routine. If you do not try to do things that are not planned beforehand, then you know there is not much excitement in your life. If monotony is your game in life then you would do better to avoid Gemini. You will only bore a Gemini out of their mind if you are uptight and are the type to follow a routine. Spontaneity and adventure is the way to impress a Gemini.


Sensitive and compassionate, Cancer always wishes for the best of others. It is not often that you will see a Cancer get irritated or angry, but when they do, it is because they may have seen a selfish act. All of us are selfish to some extent, but if you are selfishness hurts others, then you have crossed a line. Most Cancer’s are introverted and hate confrontation. If you are someone that has a short temper and insensitive to others feelings, then you will never be able to impress a Cancer.


Big of heart and generous, Leo is always down for a good time. They do not care much about expenses and are not afraid to pay for others if they have to. It makes no sense to Leo when people are frugal with their time and money. If you have money but keep all of it in the bank when you could enjoy something that you have always wanted, then you have confused a Leo. It is not their wish that you spend all your savings. They just want you to stop calculating about money all the time and just enjoy your life the way you want every now and then.


Attention to detail is one of the strongest suits of a Virgo which is why they hate things that are messy. If you do not have your stuff together, then you may as well say goodbye to a Virgo. If you think a messed up hair, untidy clothes and no direction in life is cool, you do not hold a chance to impress a Virgo. Getting your act together is the only way that you are ever going to get a Virgo’s interest.


Too much of anything can make you sick which is why it is necessary to find a balance. There is no one that loves a good balance in life more than a Libra. Don’t overdo stuff to impress a Libra. It’s a balance between, work, friends, and family that can really impress a Libra. It is good to work hard, but you need to enjoy your time off as well. Anything that disrupts a balance is a no-no for a Libra.


Confidence is the cloth that anyone can wear and look good in. Scorpio is famous for being confident and love others who are confident as well. Scorpio is a self-dependent person who loves to make their own decision. Someone who is not confident or needs the approval of others to make a decision is what does not sit well with a Scorpio. So, be confident and do not hesitate to make your own decisions.


Living in the moment is what defines a Sagittarius. Wasting your time worrying about things that have happened in the past or will happen in the future is pointless in the mind of a Sagittarius. Living freely without any chains is the way that a Sagittarius lives a life and anyone that can provide company along the way is happily accepted. You should not try to anchor down the freedom of a Sagittarius.


In this day and age, judging a book by its cover is the worst sin that you can do. A Capricorn finds it especially sinful to have a prior judgment without knowing a person first. Prejudice is the worst thing that you can do to a Capricorn. Things that take on racist, sexist or homophobic tone is a ticket out of Capricorn’s life. Have an open mind and try to know the scene better before you make a judgment.


Change is inevitable and everyone goes through Aquarius change throughout their life. But, even though change happens, not everyone can accept it. Aquarius is not someone that detest change, but somethings they like to remain the way they used to. Aquarius will be willing to accept change, not just something that is rapid. You should take baby steps with Aquarius while bringing them to a new environment or situation.


Another of the introverted bunch, Pisces live in a bubble and they do not like it when someone bursts their bubble. It is hard for an introvert to go out and start talking to people or start socializing. If you are trying to impress a Pisces thinking that you are going to change them, then you can forget about it. Pisces find it hard to deal with anyone that has an aggressive personality. Pisces are sensitive and you need to take it slow with them. Let them do their things and support them if they ask for it. Sometimes all we want is a good listener.

These things are applicable in both your home or your work environment. Each zodiac signs have different taste and things to avoid. If you have ever been confused as to why certain things work well with some and not with others, this article may help you to get a clear picture. Hope that these tips will help you to form a better relationship with others.

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