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Best Zodiac sign Halloween Costume Ideas

Oct 23, 2019

The spooky month of October is upon us. The leaves are changing, there is a chill in the weather and Halloween is right around the corner. It is the festival where witches, ghouls, and goblin come out to play at night. Some of you might already have a costume that you are set out to wear for the night, while others may still be thinking of what to wear. There is no need for you to worry about it, let your stars guide you to a perfect costume you can wear for upcoming Halloween. 


Standing against evil and saving the world from trouble that is what Superheroes are. You might have read about them or seen them on the big screen, there might even be some that are your favorite.  Though you may not have superpowers and abilities, you may find the bold characteristics of the heroes to go and get things done quite relatable as well. For this Halloween, Aries should dress up as their favorite superhero. 


Halloween does not mean that you have to always dress up as monsters and witches. You can always bring your own class and flare to it. For a Taurus who does not like going overboard, you can always turn to your favorite icon from a classic movie. From movies such as The Good, The Bad And The Ugly, James Bond, Bonnie and Clyde, Kill Bill and Foxy Brown, there is a long list of characteristics that you can choose to wear this Halloween.


There are few people who get bored with a theme or an idea as quickly as a Gemini. Just like the twins that represent your zodiac sign, you have different personas depending on the time, situation and place. Why not play into the twin persona and dress up as Harvey Dent for this Halloween? You can even dress up as the classic character of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. These costumes can give you more options to show and act different personas that shall keep you away from being bored.


Scaring others or making other’s feel afraid goes against the characteristics of a Cancer. Friends of Cancer can vouch for the fact that they are one of the most caring people of their friend circle. It is really hard to find you threatening even in the scariest of the outfit. Instead of going for a scary look, you should try to embrace your caring side and dress up as a surgeon or a nurse.


If you are out of ideas as what to dress up as this Halloween, then look no further than your own zodiac sign. Never forget to show people that you are the king of the jungle. Dress up as Simba from Lion King. Be creative, give your own twist to the old Lion costume and you are good to go. With the recent remake of the movie, dressing up as Simba can be a divisive costume that can be a great conversation starter as well. You are bound to take the center stage with the costume.


Virgos are known for being analytical and for their key attention to detail. There is one particular witch that fits in this category pretty well and that is Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series. If you were ever a fan of Harry Potter, Halloween is the time to prove your love for the series. In an alternative option, you can also go as our very own favorite painter Bob Ross. Both these costumes are a good fit for a Virgo.


Fairness and quality is the belief of Libra. You want to find a balance in life and in the world. Who is the person that determines between right and wrong? If you guessed judge, you guessed it correct. Dress up as a judge this week and try judging the costume of others and pass out sentences depending on how good their costume is. The statue of Liberty is another costume that shows that has all the tellings of a Libra.


We all know how scary a Scorpio can be especially knowing the fact that they know how to hold a grudge. Let’s be honest you can be passionate but can let your passion bring out a scary side of you as well. Your passion can bring out the right amount of scariness to make a good Pennywise from IT or the beloved super villain Joker. Go crazy this Halloween dressed up as either of the iconic clowns.


You have a wanderlust and are a natural-born traveler and explorer. For your character who other should you pick than Carmen Sandiego. She’s a charismatic lady with a great sense of humor and style. Best of all, she travels around the world on her devious missions, that is what you love to do as well. The famous archeologist and explorer of various dangerous land, cave, and temple, Indian Jones is a good choice for you as well.


The headstrong Capricorn is disciplined and always focused on the objective. You do not like to get too much attention to yourself but are always to do the right thing. The superhero of the night who is willing to do anything for their objective, Catwoman/Batman is the right costume for you. The dark costume can also help you sneak out in the shadow of the night should the party not be up to your liking.


Innovative and imaginative, Aquarius has always been unique and a little different from the other zodiac sign. They are innovative and have a different way of thinking which can make them an outcast at times. Hippies were both an outcast as well as innovative thinkers of the ’60s and ’70s. Dress up as an ultimate bell-bottomed hippie as a blast from the past embodying your true uniqueness.


Pisces is one fo the emotional and intuitive zodiac signs. Their intuition can sometimes make others feel like they have psychic powers. If you are a Pisces, then Eleven from stranger things with her telekinetic powers will be a good wear. Professor Xavier from the X-men franchise is another psychic you can dress up as this Halloween. Put your intuitive power to use and make others feel like you truly have psychic powers.

Its spooktober and Halloween is the one day of the year when you can be whoever you want to be. You do not have to limit yourself to the choices from this list. But, for those who are still in confusion for their costume choices, we hope this list can be helpful. Happy Halloween!


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