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Mar 3, 2019

The feeling of loving someone and being loved in return is wonderful, relationships are great that way. There are times when despite our best efforts, we are unable to hold onto the ones we love. The smooth sailing of your relationship may make you blind to the huge iceberg ahead of you which can sink it. We may be hurting the ones we love and don’t even realize it. Astrology explains that the twelve zodiacs have shortcomings which could cause their relationship to end. Continue reading to find out what you have been or could do wrong that may make your partner leave you.

Just as their element of fire, Aries are fiery and passionate people. Aries is very energetic and highly active and their personality does not change even if it is in love and relationship. Being passionate can be good in a day to day life but too much passion is the cause for the downfall of an Aries’ relationship. Aries are known to be heated and often say things in the heat of the moment.

Though not the one to hold a grudge, Aries once cooled down realize the mistakes that they have made by the things that they did during their temper rant. However, things once said cannot be taken back and could result at the end of a relationship. There’s only so much thing that your partner can take from you. A passionate person is more interesting than someone who is unenthusiastic but the Aries should try to hold onto their anger or rather their explosive moments to avoid hurting the feeling of their partner.

The ones who are always down to earth and are firmly rooted to the ground, are well known for their loyalty and consistency. Never a flight risk, Taureans are also loyal in their relationship and are the least likely zodiac sign to cheat on their partner. They make for one of the honest partners that you can hope to find in a relationship. But, just because one is loyal and consistent does not always mean a happy relationship.

There are some people who do not mind a consistent partner who sticks to their commitment but others want some flexibility in their relationship. It is not always possible for everyone to stay strong to their conviction like a Taurus. Not having a flexible relationship can feel like a hanging noose to some and they cut off the relationship to get free from the noose. A Taurus must show understand that commitment does not being resid but having the trust to stay flexible in the relationship.

Never the one to stay still in one place, Gemini like to remain unrestricted and free like the air. They like to keep things breezy and do not take things seriously most of the time. Despite being interested in many things, Geminis are unable to stay focused on just one task for a long duration. The never give a care attitude is easy to be around and Gemini is always surrounded by friends but at the same time, they have the trouble of making a relationship last a long time.

Gemini’s problem is their partner having doubt of the relationship lasting a long time. Never taking things too seriously attitude is hard to digest in a relationship as it grows the seeds of doubts as to whether they are taking the relationship seriously or not. Gemini does not have trouble in a casual relationship but can struggle quite a bit to make a relationship last. Gemini should try to stay more attentive in a relationship and show that they are willing to stay true to the commitment of the relationship. It may be hard to stay focused, but if they want a relationship that lasts more than a few months, they should try to fix the habit of taking everything casual.

The Crab may have a hard outer shell but it is only to protect their soft interiors. Cancer is one of the most compassionate and sensitive zodiac sign of them all. The water element zodiac can be flexible in the relationship but has got a fickle and moody nature. When things get tough in a relationship they can hide behind their defensive mechanism just like how a hermit crab hides inside its shell.

Due to their compassionate side, Cancer tends to take it to themselves to shoulder their troubles alone. They are less communicative in the relationship and try to hide their problems in the relationship. Misunderstanding is often the reason that a Cancer’s relationship comes to an end. They must try to voice in their issues in the relationship so that the partner can feel that they are present in the relationship. Feeling alone in a relationship is the worst feeling and the crab must understand that not having anyone to communicate in a relationship can make the partner feel very lonely.

Represented by the lion, king of the beast, Leo love to be the center of the stage. Often forgiving and willing to let things go, they are compassionate and radiate positive energy to others. Becoming the center of the stage comes with a bit of an ego and Leo are well known for having just that. When ego gets to the head and they forget to listen to their heart then a relationship can turn sour really fast.

It is tough for a relationship to work when two egos collide. You must give your partner to shine and a chance in the spotlight as well. If you try to shower yourself in the bright shine of the light, your partner may get lost in the shadow and make them feel insignificant in the relationship. Remember, that you should always treat your partner to be equal to you and not below or above you.

Aware of the surrounding and incredibly observant, Virgos are highly intellectual and logical people. The intellectual types are often the hardest to please and that is the case for the Virgo as well. Virgo is obsessed with perfection especially if it comes to a relationship. Virgo has a hard time coming to the reality that even the happiest of relationship have their fair shares of disagreements and occasional conflicts.

Putting everything in your relationship through a microscope to examine and fix things in your relationship when it is not even present could be very counterproductive. You and your partner are two individuals and can at times have a different opinion which could result in a minor arguement, but that does not mean the end of the relationship. Somethings are beautiful in their imperfection and so are relationships.

Ruled by the planet Venus, Libra is the sign of peace and harmony. It is not just by chance that they are represented by the scale as they are the people who love to keep a balance in life and do not like conflict. One of the most positive character that a Libra possess is that they love to be in a relationship. They tend to be more productive and happy when in a relationship.

A cordial relationship requires having a mutual understanding with your partner and that means properly stating out what you are troubled with in the relationship. Libra often to avoid conflict can take the passive-aggressive route to express when unhappy in a relationship. People do not understand such way of communication and it could only cause to stir up conflict in the relationship. Though minor discord may appear in the relationship, Libra should not hesitate to speak their mind about the issues they have in the relationship.

The most reluctant person to let other people into their heart, Scorpio value their emotional privacy most out of all the zodiac signs. They have the trouble of trusting other people and often have a lingering doubt as to whether their partner has the same commitment to the relationship as they do. The doubt can make a Scorpio more possessive and try to control the moves of their partner.

We do not live in a fairy tale where everyone has a happy ending. Sometimes, your trust is broken by those that you believe in the most. But, letting the fear of getting cheated rule you could only cause you to be toxic to your partner and it can definitely end your relationship faster than anything else. Once you have decided to put your faith in someone, you should not keep judging them. Giving clarity each and every time about their commitment to the relationship has more of a negative impact which can only push your partner further away.

Living wild and free is what most people chase after but no one seems to chase after this ideology more than a Sagittarius. A set routine could prove to be mundane and tedious for them as they have a wanderlust to travel. This adrenaline junkie zodiac sign is thrill seekers and searches for a partner just as outgoing and thrill seekers as they are but there is a limit to how much you can live your life by wandering around.

You cannot spend your life roaming from city to city, especially if you are in a relationship. If a Sagittarius can put all their effort to make their relationship more adventurous than planning for the next trip, they can get addicted to the thing called love. A relationship may seem boring but, the things that you face with your partner each day is a new experience. You really do not understand a good thing until it is out of your life. Do not chase superficial adventure to lose the adventure of love.

The stoic planet that rules both time and karma Saturn governs Capricorn making them ambitious and serious individuals. They are focused on making their dream of attaining success. The goat does not like casual relationship and is willing to invest in relationships that last a lifetime if they can find a partner that is able to support their goals in life.

For a Capricorn, they look for a partner who can push them to be even greater than they are at present. This feeling goes both ways as they also push forward their strong desire for success onto their partner. Motivating your partner to achieve greatness is good and all but too much motivation could sound like preaching and end up getting your partner to resent you. Success in life differs for each person and all of us have our own pace of doing things. So, rather than pushing the partner to achieve greatness, Capricorn should be more accepting of their partner’s life goals.

Aquarius is a sociable creature who love connecting with other people. With their passion for equality and justice, they stand out among their peers in a social environment. While they may ace in socializing, intimacy seems to be a little troublesome for them. Aquarius tend to be people pleaser and rather than keeping their partner first, they are likely to put their friends first.

When in a relationship, you would wish to be the priority in your partner’s life. You should not forget your friend once you find your lover, but keeping them above your partner is not a healthy thing for a relationship. If the Aquarius keeps prioritizing other people rather than their partner, then it won’t be a surprise that their partner walks out on them. The water bearer needs to show more affection and kindness to their partner to let them know that they are their priority.

Pisces are very emotional and sensible to their surrounding. In a relationship, Pisces are good for emotional support and should the relationship be a casual one, then they can enchant you with their characters. They carry their emotions on their sleeves which makes them easier to trust as a partner but make them unreliable for the long run.

Getting emotional over every little thing can get tiring after some time and can make you look unreliable in front of your partner. Your partner may want a partner who won’t break down when things get tough in the relationship. It is not wrong to be emotional and show how you feel, but do keep in check that you are not going a bit overboard with it. Do not try to swim away from the trouble of your relationship, sometimes you need to stay strong and swim against the tide to make your relationship work.

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