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Apr 29, 2019

Unless you are one of the lucky few who is able to find the love of their life on their very first try, chances are that you might have been through a couple of relationships. You may have also noticed that everyone does not have the same way of showing their love. There are five basic love languages that a person choose to show their love. Depending upon the way you chose to show your love, you will have one of these five as your primary love language.

Words of Affirmation

Words have more power than anyone can imagine. We use words to communicate with one another and it is the simplest form of communication among people. Words can elevate how the other person is feeling or can put them down as well. So, it comes as no surprise that words of affirmation are one of the five basic love languages. Being acknowledged and appreciated by the one you love is the best form of communication that shows love to others. A simple sentence of, I appreciate the things that you do for me, can give the person you love the greatest feelings of love and appreciation.

Quality Time

Time is valuable to everyone. We divide and allocate our time for work, sleep and some personal time. Just as we manage our time for every other part of our life, keeping time for your partner can be greatly appreciated by some. Quality time with the one they love is another form of love language. Even if you spend the majority of your time together, it does not mean you are spending quality time together. Quality time means, giving your undivided attention to your partner, not staring at your phone or the screen of your TV or computer. Going out and spending time talking about your relationship and getting to further know each other is what makes some people feel that love is truly there. Quality time is a love language that can be appreciated by many.

Receiving Gifts

As mentioned before, not everyone has the same love language. Though there are people who appreciate words of affection or quality time, there are those who find love when receiving gifts from their loved one. While receiving gifts is a love language, it does not mean expensive things like jewelry. People who find receiving gifts as a love language will be happy as long as they are able to see it in the visual form. Even if it is a homemade item, as long as it is a visible symbol of love, they will love it. Even if you are not the type to receive or give gifts, if your partner loves receiving gifts as their primary love language, you should put the effort into it. Nothing fancy, just give them something that holds special meaning and comes from your heart.

Acts of Service

It’s early in the morning and you have just woken up from the bed. You see in front of your breakfast in bed made by your partner, your eyes light up as it has made your day brighter. If you are the one that loves this type of scenario then your love language is acts of service. Acts of service refer to doing any acts that your partner would appreciate whether it be serving them breakfast in bed, helping out with cleaning the house or cooking them an unforgettable dinner. A positive spirit followed by the action that they love can help you make up for a lot of mistakes in your relationship. For people with acts of service as their love language, figuring out what activities they love the most can help to keep them happy with the relationship.

Physical Touch

From our birth when we are cradled in the arms of our mother, we have been accustomed to physical touch. So, it should come as no surprise that physical touch is one of the love languages. All the intimate physical touch like holding hands, hugging, kissing and sexual intercourse, are only done with our loved ones. Your partner may speak the primary love language of physical touch and when they go a long time without it, they may feel down and unloved. Simple little things such as holding hands, a hug or a quick little kiss when you meet each other can speak volumes of your love for them.

Everybody has their own way of receiving and showing love. You have to find the one that is suited to you and your partner. As long as you are able to find out about each other’s love language, you will be able to perceive your partner’s feelings more easily. Therefore, finding out your love language can help to maintain a strong and healthy relationship.

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